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Recent Comments for 8772571434

Post by Kasha,

8772571434 I was called saying that they were from Thomas and Moore and her name is Sheri Williams and she needed to contact me regarding a suit. I hung up and told her to call my attorney. I get 3 diff calls from my mom, ex, and sister and they tell me she called them saying that today was my final day and I needed to contact her or they will file proceedings towards my law suit from the military. Lol! Bye Gayle! Good lbyw

Post by concerned citizen,

877-257-1434 called my brother, saying they here with sebastian county arkansas and was a paralegal working with the county and that there was some litigation pending against me that he was sure i was unaware of, but that i needed to contact jeffery before it goes to court, same person called my brothers wife, and left a message on my line

Post by kb123,

8772571434 just recieved a phone call from this number, guy presented himself as a rep from AT&T, sounded east indian as well. guy wanted to send us a free black berry smart phone for being such good customers. told the rep to send us the info and i would have the owner review it. guy was extremely pushy, i ended up hanging up, called back instantly, diff. girl answered, he asked for me, i got back phone and told him were not interested, he called back again, told him again we were not interested and hung up, he called back AGAIN.. asking for me, girl told him i wasnt available but she could take a message, guy then said the message is shes a F***ing b**ch.. who are these people?? how do we contact them? this is ridiculous.

Post by Jan,

877-257-1434 Got a call from this number many time over the past couple of weeks. Caller ID says Bedzz ExpressI wouldn't be a bit surprised if it's not really Comcast trying to pull a fast one.

Post by Kara,

8772571434 Got a call from this number. The caller did not leave any message.

Post by Claire,

877-257-1434 Stating at I had a civil claim against me and I needed to call to get the case closed before 3.

Post by Alan Smithee,

8772571434 Caller c laims to be from a legal service with a case pending against a name I don't know. Wants me to call back with response. Scam--don't call.

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