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Recent Comments for 8772562510

Post by Diane,

8772562510 I owe these people nothing; I assume that the call to my office line last night was a fluke, or it had better be - i inherited the number and have been slammed by these rude people who demand to talk to the former owner, who is now deceased -

Post by Mary Velasco,

877-256-2510 This number -- keeps calling and a recording is left for a person who does not live at my house -  They call all hours of the day and I would like it to stop -

Post by Robin,

8772562510 Stop calling my work

Post by Juss me,

877-256-2510 I received a call from this same number in reference to my verizon account - I told them I'm going to verify with Verizon, they told me Verizon would not be able to help me as it is already in collections and it was a seperate account - I called Verizon and they said it was a scamBe aware

Post by Cat2012,

8772562510 They are a collector collecting for Buck Masters magazine - Said that my husband had some sort of membership with Buck Masters - He has never received anything from Buck Masters nor does he want anything from them - I think this is their way to extort money from hard working people to make them buy their crap -

Post by katoson,

877-256-2510 it is chase - -tell them (if they have the wrong #) and if they don't remove it that you are going to call the attorney general - -that will put FIRE under their - -( well you know )

Post by Bella,

8772562510 I did the same thing - -called back and said I dont have any Chase accountsBut, there is no affiliation with Chase Visa or Chase Home Loans - This is a normal debt collector with a similar name - This was for medical bills -

Post by Guest,

877-256-2510 Spam

Post by Guest,

8772562510 please don't call again thanks

Post by Deirdre,

877-256-2510 BrendaB is right; these losers keep calling me, even after my number has been listed on the National Do Not Call list - Here's a note for all in Texas: if your debt has been in default for over years, you then owe nothing, it has gone dead - BUT: if you pay attention to these losers and start paying even a penny on the defaulted debt, then the clock starts ticking again, only with their inflated fees and interest -

Post by Guest,

8772562510 Must be another pest trying to get information or money -

Post by Blessed Taxpayer,

877-256-2510 I owed for utility work done by Verizon to repair the cable in the ground -  My Wireless and Fios accounts are current -  The labor is done by a contractor hired by Verizon to do the work -  Verizon paid the contractor and now I owe Verizon -  The amount charged for the labor is in collections -Confusing but accurate - -

Post by Guest,

8772562510 Don't say anything -

Post by ole miss,

877-256-2510 I just got a call from these people there are so many lazy no good for nothing scums that just keep trying to SCAM everybody im sick of these STUPID people that wont get a real job how many times do they think we are going to fall for this scamming crap they are just STUPID putting it nicely I want to say something else but you know you cant get to ugly on here

Post by carrie,

8772562510 Received a call from this number claiming credit card debit and wanted my social security number umm no -very aggravated -

Post by deb,

877-256-2510 received a call from -- - it is a recording - the recording says it is from chase receivables about a debt collection - all it does it gives the phone number and tells me call them - do not know how they got my phone number -

Post by Guest,

8772562510 stop calling my home, i,ve written the number down from my caller i -d and it is all friggin spam

Post by Annemarie,

877-256-2510 Hubby just got a call from them this morning, after a two and a half week layoff from harassing - - Chase Receivables - - we owe them nothing - - rude people on the other end; I'm sure their parents are so proud of them

Post by sam,

8772562510 This is very likely a scam organization getting you to pay ficticious outstanding bills -  The say they are collecting unpaid bills from popular companies like verizon with the hope that you will fall for it and just pay them via credit card to settle it - They called me claiming i owe verizon money when i know i don't -

Post by Charlie,

877-256-2510 Got a call from them, but then they hung up

Post by svjean,

8772562510 thanks for info might be real but get alot of scam calls latly too if its real and i owe them well it would have been paid if i had the money but i did a bankrupcey yrs ago so they an blank it

Post by Anon,

877-256-2510 Debt Collections calls do not come under the jurisdiction of the Do Not Call list -  They can still call you and it has nothing to do with the Do Not Call law -  If a debt collector is calling your number, looking for someone else, then file a complaint with your state Office of Attorney General, Consumer Protection -  It's called skip-tracing and again, has nothing to do with the Do Not Call law -

Post by Anonymouse,

8772562510 I received a call from Chase Receivables - Here's the transcript - |"Hello this is a message for Dean {deleted} - If you are not Dean {deleted} please stop listening and delete this message from any recording device - If you are Dean {deleted} - Please hold for an important message - This is not a sales call - By continuing to listen to this message you acknowledge that you are Dean {deleted} - This call contains personal and private information - Please listen in private - This is a message from Chase Receivables - Please call us back at -- - That number once again is -- - This call is from a debt collector - Thank you -"When you call, they ask for personal information - When you refuse they say they cannot continue and hang up - I'm guessing identify theft (phishing) or billing fraud - I'm a CPA who has dealt with collectors - They do not give up that easy and they already have your information -

Post by Guest,

877-256-2510 I was very suspicious because they were asking for address information - When I questioned what this was regarding, and said I was going to hang up and look up their company, she became more agitated and said my address was public information - I again asked what this was regarding and, when she insisted on more info, I hung up and found numerous postings with similar complaints - I am not aware of ANY debt outstanding -

Post by Moonrider,

8772562510 I called them back and they are Chase Receivables -  I told them I did not have any accounts with Chase and never did -  He told me they are a collection agency, and not Chase Bank -  From their website, they primarily work with medical collections -  If you don't want them to call you, tell them so, and they will send further correspondence via mail -

Post by Jay,

877-256-2510 i love when company trolls come here to defend their illegal actions - This bunch of lowlifes are violating the no call list - Can u believe they waste their lives like this?  How pathetic   I find it so amusing and laugh at them - Lol - Keep calling losers - Waste more of ur lives for nothing

Post by LB,

8772562510 Today got "private" caller ID machine message from automated Chase Receivables and was told to call --, but I don't owe money to anyone - I've never heard of a debt collector that doesn't leave a reference #, etc - I read previous complaints; I don't have a Verizon bill or any outstanding medical or other bills - I don't know what their scam is, but without them giving more detailed message, like any other debt collector would, I don't feel comfortable even calling this number back -

Post by GovernmentShutdown,

877-256-2510 Got a call from them today on my work phone -  Last week they called my cell phone when I was home -  It is a recording saying they are Chase Receivables and they are a "debt collector" -  The call starts with a recording saying your name several times to make sure it is you, then says to call them at -- -  This is bologna -  I'm not calling them and I have no debt -  Smells like a scam -

Post by kcrgrand,

8772562510 Received a phone call yesterday and also received an email from Bank of America wanting me to go to their site and confirm my info -    PHISHING SCAM BEWARE

Post by sherry,

877-256-2510 c called me but refused to give the company name,

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