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Recent Comments for 8772506272

Post by Josh,

8772506272 Keep asking my birth date and will not give that to them cause I don't know who they are - Calls every bloody day

Post by Guest,

877-250-6272 ridiculous

Post by Guest,

8772506272 All I'm waiting for is for them to leave a message but after a month of calls, sometimes times a week, I'm close to sueing them - They ain't very smart I can tell u that, they tried getting a minimum of from me & if I couldn't pay for it over the phone right then & there I got threaten they would sue me - So I said go ahead, see how that goes for u, threating a homeless mother who just lost her mother & now has months to go thru everything in a house with no power - I won that one cuz u can't sue someone who is homeless & no income - Also I can always tell, even if some numbers are different, they always start with , can't fool me - Not to mention yrs ago there was fake charges, some for blood work done by some doctor I had never seen nor did he ever work at either of the mercy buildings I've been going to for the past yrs - I even got told they were bogus charges yet the calls still won't stop - I had to change my phone number almost yrs ago to stop the constant calls, somehow they got my number this yr, looks like I'll be changing my number again

Post by DAN,

877-250-6272 I cant believe that in a time where bullying is reaching criminal punishment they act like this to collect a medical bill - Like I got sick just to be a pain in their side - Call several times a day, hang up before I get there or they get belligerent if I ask who they are before I answer their question -

Post by Cody Rohrer,

8772506272 they won't say any reason for the call

Post by Guest,

877-250-6272 mana collection

Post by Pebbles,

8772506272 I keep getting these phone calls, I answered today and they wanted my daughters birthdate - I repeatedly asked what company they were calling for and they would not tell me, they just kept asking me to confirm her bday - I told them I couldnt release that information if they wouldn't tell me what company hired them - I'm very tired of these phone calls they never leave a message and call contiuously throughout the day while I am at work -

Post by Janet Y,

877-250-6272 Started getting phone calls from this place, no message left -  (I don't answer if I don't recognize number)I don't know owe anyone money, so not sure why they keep calling -

Post by Shari,

8772506272 I received call wanting me to verify my info - I said no and was then told ok I will tell you the info and you verify that it is correct - I said no I want -they said it doesn't matter we already know - I hung up - Who are these people

Post by Guest,

877-250-6272 Wouldn't give me any information about the nature of the call unless I divulged my D -O -B - - I told her that I wouldn't divulge my D -O -B - because with name and D -O -B - someone can steal your identity -

Post by H. H.,

8772506272 I blocked this number but they continue to call repeatedly, especially during times supposedly prohibited by law (early am, late pm & weekends are particularly bad) - I DO NOT owe what they claim & creditor agrees but they won't stop calling - They only want to harass people, without having a legitimate reason for doing so - They are relentless vultures & scum bags that actually seem to enjoy harassing people while breaking the law & getting away with it - There should be a law against breaking the law -

Post by J W,

877-250-6272 Some type of debt collecter out of Missouri i have never been to any hospital there

Post by Guest,

8772506272 debt collection

Post by Dawn Bells,

877-250-6272 I missed the call @: pm April st - I called it about hrs after they called and a young woman answered - She greeted with " this is volarity or valarity ?" May I help you ?  I told her that I missed their call and was returning it - She asked for my name - I did not tell her, instead I asked what type of business it was and she said they handled " confidential files " I replied "you must have dialed the wrong number " She said "ok " End of conversation -

Post by Guest,

8772506272 This company calls repeatedly even after I have asked them to stop -

Post by Guest,

877-250-6272 Also, this collection company is partnered with Mercy Hospital -

Post by Linda,

8772506272 calls all times of day and night, do not leave a msg

Post by Maria,

877-250-6272 Get calls from -- several times a week, either no answer or they want me to verify information over the phone, which I will not do period  THEY CAN SEND ME THE INFORMATION IF THEY REALLY HAVE IT AND WHAT IT IS ABOUT

Post by Guest,

8772506272 Spam

Post by CSmith,

877-250-6272 I keep getting weird calls and static voice mails from this company -

Post by Beth W,

8772506272 SIck of them calling -

Post by veidel,

877-250-6272 Get calls from here but they won't leave a message

Post by Guest,

8772506272 wanted personal info, but refused to tell the reason for the call and what the company was - did not "verify" any personal info - sounds fishy to me -

Post by Aims,

877-250-6272 Report them to the FTC ftc -gov   they are in violation of the Fair Debt Collection Privacy Act - They are breaking the law -

Post by Prairie Grove,

8772506272 This number keeps calling in the morning wake me up then I called back and they said "Valerity How can I help you?" "Whom am I speaking with -"  I don't indentify myself anymore to people who I don't know -  So I googled the number and found this site -  I suppose they are a collection company -  My wife probably owes someone money, I'm so screwed - -if - -

Post by Guest,

877-250-6272 They called my mother's house and won't tell me anything just said it was business and they couldn't tell me anything to protect me -

Post by Guest,

8772506272 Harassing, calling all hours of night

Post by Guest,

877-250-6272 Valarity bill collector

Post by Aims,

8772506272 Report them to the FTC ftc -gov   they are in violation of the Fair Debt Collection Privacy Act - They are breaking the law -

Post by T,

877-250-6272 Missed call, No message left -

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