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Recent Comments for 8609474360

Post by Guest,

8609474360 They call but never leave a message

Post by judithsaleeby,

860-947-4360 Unwanted and harassing call

Post by Guest,

8609474360 Called for donation for Disabled Veterans

Post by Got a call,

860-947-4360 Disabled Vets call - - I blocked them, but started asking a few questions about the company the caller represented, the percentage of the revenue that went to the vets, etc and they hung up when I told him I was recording he call - (which I wasn't) - - hate these kinds of people -

Post by Garibaldi,

8609474360 Call many left no message,Please do not call again

Post by Receiver of call,

860-947-4360 Several calls, no msg - 'Unknown Name' appears in caller ID -I answered tonight's call - Woman's voice asked ' is the head of the household available?' Couldn't tell if it was automated or a live person -  I answered no, and hung up - : on a Sunday night with b s calls now??

Post by k,

8609474360 This guy just called me I said no thanks  my husband is a vet and hung up - He had my name though?  But I refuse to tell him it was me -

Post by Tired of Scam Charities,

860-947-4360 This is a different telephone number but the same charity for Disabled Vets, taking advantage during the Memorial Day weekend

Post by Guest,

8609474360 Continually calls, does not leave a message -

Post by bro,

860-947-4360 Got a call, said "Hartford CT" - Old-sounding lady asked for head of household, I said no, she said "There is no message" and hung up - Dumb [***] -

Post by Receiver of call,

8609474360 Called, didn't answer it, no msg left -

Post by Guest,

860-947-4360 Just don't even pick up the call - It's not legit -

Post by Lawrence Demske,

8609474360 Multiple solicitation calls refusing to identify self with eventual hangup -

Post by puzz,

860-947-4360 again Disabled Veterans scam -but, stooping to starting conversation by asking"Is that you, Carrie?" When I said"Wrong number, he started his speel about the disabled - Also a : AM call soliciting for Breast Cancer Foundation - What has happened to the do not call protections?  To scam under these titles is especially horrendous- survivors of CA and wars sho,uld be helped not misrepresented -

Post by me,

8609474360 third call this month - Answered call tonight and could not understand the female caller at all - The call kept breaking up -  Wish someone could  do something to stop this harassment -  

Post by Resolved,

860-947-4360 I'm resolved not to let these … - (feel free to use any term that fits)  mess up my life with interruptions at all hours -  I simply don't answer a call that I don't recognize and a message is not left -  Then I add that number to my list of blocked numbers -  Don't ever answer these calls or you're just feeding them…   We all know the "do not call" registries are as useless as most of the other "functions" of our gov't -

Post by Snowman Jim,

8609474360 This same number -- called today at : p -m - and I didn't answer the phone and no message was left on my machine -  I used callback a few times, but that phone was busy busy busy -A scam no doubt -  Reverse phone lookup says it's from Hartford, land line and people finder has info but as usual it costs money for that, so I wish someone would pay the cents and get the caller in trouble once and for all -  I'm pretty sure that same number has called in the past couple of years -

Post by Guest,

860-947-4360 Never leave any message -

Post by Guest,

8609474360 Who is this--am getting tired of that number calling me

Post by Joan,

860-947-4360 second time I received a call from this woman claiming to call for donations for breast cancer after : pm -  Although i have already donated and on fixed income insisted I donate just one more time and I said no and hung up -  This is annoying and I am on the no call list - -know that charities are not blocked, but was suspicious -  Hate these dirt bags and want it stopped -  Will look into blocking this number -

Post by k,

8609474360 This guy just called me I said no thanks  my husband is a vet and hung up - He had my name though?  But I refuse to tell him it was me -

Post by bro,

860-947-4360 Called them back, some guy robot said "Thank you for calling the fundraising center -" What a [***] - Press , then to take yourself off their useless list -

Post by Guest,

8609474360 never leaves a message - when we answer, no one speaks either -

Post by Guest,

860-947-4360 kmjkmkpmki

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