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Recent Comments for 8607916711

Post by carol,

8607916711 san gere ut uis CT number

Post by Dalek1963,

860-791-6711 Second time in a week - I did listen to the message the first time -

Post by joeeye59,

8607916711 This is a way of life now to get unwanted calls - Don't be so obsessed with answering the phone all the time, don't run to it when out in the yard, get to it when you can - I have an answering machine on my desk, I let it pick up each unknown call, and if it's a family member, or a doctor, or someone who really needs to talk with me they leave a message - This problem is so easy to deal with I don't know why so many become so upset, let it go people Do what I do, if it's important they will leave a message, sometimes the telemarketers will leave a message so just delete it - Only when I'm sleeping and become awaken from the calls bother me a little, but I did notice once past : to pm I never get anymore of them calls, just wrong numbers if someone calls past pm -

Post by Guest,

860-791-6711 Non working number

Post by John,

8607916711 Calls - - leaves no message - - I don't understand why people pick up the phone to answer numbers that are totally unfamiliar to them, especially if you have caller ID - When was the last time a strange phone number appeared, you answered it and the person on the other end of the line was not part of some scam, phony company trying to get something out of you? C'mon, people - Just don't answer the damn phone when you see an unknown number calling you -

Post by Guest,

860-791-6711 does anybody ever do anything about these calls?

Post by John,

8607916711 Get these calls every so often - from some kind of scammers -  Leave no msg -  Just screw up our answering machine -  Real pests -

Post by BHW,

860-791-6711 Another lower your energy bills call -  Be very careful, because the CT State Attorney General's Office recently issued a warning about third party provider energy rate creep:www -ct -gov ag cwp view -asp?Q&AI get so many calls from places like this, and I block them all -  Just added another number to my block list

Post by Stan in TX,

8607916711 Crooks looking to steal your identy posing as an alarm company - Only alarm you need is the one in your head telling you to hang up the phone or not answer in the first place -

Post by MD,

860-791-6711 If you pick up the phone it shows as in service, so staying quiet doesn't work - Hook your number up with Google Voice and then you can block any incoming calls you don't want to hear from again -

Post by Guest,

8607916711 Not known

Post by Guest,

860-791-6711 I got call from this number when I picked up there was no one on the other side, no voice mail left - This is time I got call from them, when called back it was none existing number

Post by Guest,

8607916711 hang up

Post by Ima Pissedoff,

860-791-6711 You forgot one of the most important features the first ring is silenced - Now if they could make it not light up the display that would make it even better - Got mine with handsets at BJ's for on sale - This system also allows me to hook blue tooth phones so one of these days real soon the home phone landline is going bye bye -

Post by Guest,

8607916711 Manchester, CT stop calls ASAP - this is aggravating

Post by Guest,

860-791-6711 JUNK CALL

Post by Guest,

8607916711 Typical pest call, resister of do not call registry as well as phone message to not call, if telemarketing

Post by BMD,

860-791-6711 "member services" - No message left -

Post by Guest,

8607916711 No answer - Hangs up -

Post by Guest,

860-791-6711 Called number is "not in service"

Post by hew,

8607916711 I got this call but I didn't answer it - And they never left a message on my voicemail -

Post by Ima Pissedoff,

860-791-6711 Just got a call from Member Services which I blocked - I have told these fools before my member doesn't need servicing, d u m b f u c k s just wont quit -

Post by Guest,

8607916711 Sales pitch

Post by Guest,

860-791-6711 Seems like a legitimate call was on a call already, no message was left - When I tried to call back says phone number not in service -

Post by Fed Up,

8607916711 Just received a call from this # - Robo call promising to reduce my non-existent student loan -

Post by Guest,

860-791-6711 Not pleased with harrassement

Post by CT resident,

8607916711 called ID listed #--, member services, called pm and next day @ ; pm left did not leave message

Post by CinCT,

860-791-6711 I agree -  I just bought a call blocker from Amazon -  I can press Accept or Reject, which puts callers, either on the white list or the black list -  The Rejects don't get a second chance to annoy me -  :-)

Post by RJW,

8607916711 Got the call with a recorded message stating that recent legislation has been passed that may allow me to save money on my electricity bill - I pressed to speak with a representative (because I'm a law librarian and I was curious what "recent legislation" they were talking about) - someone with an Indian accent named "Jeff Hardy" answered and said he was with some energy company - I asked him to repeat it and then spell it - I got disconnected after the third letter - I think he was trying to say Sperian Energy, which is a legit energy company, but which does not provide energy to my state - Yeah, no thanks - I'm not sure if it was an actual representative from this company or a scammer -

Post by Guest,

860-791-6711 calls and hangs up - SPAM call

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