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Recent Comments for 8607760125

Post by Karen,

8607760125 Same as the others - Called left no message - I called back because I am expecting a call from this area of CT & got some scam for a card - Reporting to State of CT for violating Do Not Call List - Hope all of you will do the same

Post by Guest,


Post by Nina,

8607760125 Called me at : in the morning, recorded message about some bogus redemption award card, most likely phishing scam - Associated with Global Crossing Local Services, a criminal operation - Do not respond to these thugs -

Post by DK,

860-776-0125 Just got a call from them - I googled before calling back - Thanks for sharing the info guys saved minutes from my life

Post by Deb,

8607760125 I am on the DNC list yet all these unknown numbers keep calling and not leaving messages - I thought the DNC list was suppose to stop all of these people from calling - Got a call the other day from someone that actually said F you to me because he did not like what I said (take me off your list)

Post by Guest,

860-776-0125 Robo call

Post by Report,

8607760125 -- called my cell phone, did not answer - Called back from a landline - automated system says Lisa from Reward redemption - -you recently visited one of their websites - - -

Post by Anon Y Mous,

860-776-0125 Called and hung up - Welcome to my blocked list -

Post by Guest,

8607760125 Called back - Offering certificate to dial - Did that then nothing - Blocked

Post by Guest,

860-776-0125 Rang once and hung up - Blocked the number

Post by Guest,

8607760125 Rang once and hung up -

Post by Guest,

860-776-0125 rang once and hung up

Post by Guest,

8607760125 Called and hung up after one ring

Post by Guest,

860-776-0125 Just got this call - Rang once and hung up

Post by Guest,

8607760125 Keeps calling, do not answer

Post by Guest,

860-776-0125 Have received multiple hang-up calls from this number - rings or times and then hangs up - - answer and hangs up - -

Post by Luzer,

8607760125 I called back from my work phone,,,something about a rewards card - press -  I hung up -

Post by tom,

860-776-0125 Got a -call early in the morning didn't leave message,   - Ring and that's it -  I think other legitimate company's are selling people's information when you sign up with them - And giving it to spamming companies -

Post by Guest,

8607760125 Hung up

Post by Guest,

860-776-0125 Some fake scam saying I won something, don't answer

Post by Skye,

8607760125 One ring call on cell with no ID nor a message left -

Post by Guest,

860-776-0125 spam

Post by Renee,

8607760125 Just called, rang twice and then they hung up -  Hopefully they don't try back -

Post by Guest,

860-776-0125 Called times and hung up each time before I could answer -

Post by Fed Up,

8607760125 Just got a one-ring call from this number - As a rule, I never answer (nor return) calls from unknown numbers that ring once and or leave no message - and am inreasingly glad that I don't -

Post by Kim,

860-776-0125 Got a call from this number but no message - Just before I also had a call from -- - Sure it was the same people -

Post by KMacMan,

8607760125 Thanks - I've been getting weird calls - This number was one of them - Two rings and a hang up -

Post by GK,

860-776-0125 SCAM Called the landline, became aggressive when I wouldn't play their scam game - I hung up & was reporting the call when my cell phone began to ring with the same number on ID - These people need to get a real job & quit trying to steal their way through life -

Post by KMacMan,

8607760125 Thanks - I've been getting weird calls - This number was one of them - Two rings and a hang up -

Post by Marc,

860-776-0125 Received call @ :am today - One-ring and hung up -I called them back and listened about how Lisa from this reward place said I have earned a rewards card for visiting a website - If you listen to the entire thing there is an option to press # that places your number on a do not call list - Soon as I pressed # it said Thanks and hung up - Hopefully this is the last time I hear from them -

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