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Post by DR.EVIL,


Post by Nicholas Morgan,

860-608-9019 Keep calling me yelling hello and asking who I am - I don't know who they are but it is freaky -

Post by Guest,

8606089019 Anoying calls

Post by Guest,

860-608-9019 Send off💯

Post by Guest,

8606089019 I don't want to talk to her

Post by TJ,

860-608-9019 These people and I use that term loosely, because they are really predators -  They have called me multiple times about either my son or my ex-husband, not sure which because I am a "personal reference" -  I have ordered them to remove my phone number and they have told me over and over I am not in the system; however I keep getting these calls -  A Tamira Espinol (sp?) is the latest one -  I have been told that I am a horrible person for not stepping up and paying a family members debt - Well, these two losers, yes my son included, are both adult men, have good jobs and are both addicts -  I have tried to separate myself from them as much as possible -  I have reported the company and phone numbers, yest haven't heard anything on those reports to the IG -  They switch the phone numbers around, but I have kept track of the numbers, times, people that called and days -  They better not mess with me, because I will bring them down -  I have friends in both high and low places if you know what I mean

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8606089019 dont answer any texts or calls

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860-608-9019 Cardholder service

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