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Recent Comments for 8604748560

Post by Cory,

8604748560 Continually get calls from this number saying I have viruses and need to remove them -  They tried to tell me a license ID number that "matched" my computer to "prove" they were legit -  I told them I know a lot more than they do about technical support and how accessing technical support works and she became frustrated and passed the call to a "supervisor" who continued to try to "prove" who they were -  Eventually he began getting very frustrated because I was asking questions he could not answer and he thanked me for "wasting his time" before hanging up on me -

Post by Money down the drain,

860-474-8560 Please tell me you are not in any way a product of the public, or private, education system?

Post by Nani,

8604748560 I have received calls from this number before - -from Nebraska, from Connecticut, and just now I received a call from this number with a + in front of it, and it said the call was coming from China -  I just block it all and leave it at that -  I don't know anyone in China, Connecticut or Nebraska - -so, if I don't know the number it is relegated to the reject list -

Post by MS,

860-474-8560 Called from Geek support, hung up when I mentioned FCC

Post by Rosy,

8604748560 () - CT, USA - They keep calling and saying they are from Geek Squad - I block these numbers and more pop up calling - Ughhhh How can we stop them?

Post by SuzQ,

860-474-8560 I just got a call from Manchester, Ct - A female voice said Mamma - (I think) it was hard to tell because she had an accent - I asked her why she was calling - She said she had a report that my computer was having a problem with a virus and I should turn on my computer and she would help me fix it -I had just read your post a few days ago and wondered if it was the "Geek Company" - So I played along for about a minute before I asked what the name of her company was - When she said "Geek"  I couldn't help it - I said in a very excited voice "Oh, the con artists, I have been waiting for you to call - I can't wait to call the police; what is your name? Please hold on" All this time I was clapping my hands and laughing - Can you imagine how surprised I was when the phone went dead? Maybe next time I can play along a little longer before I get the giggles -

Post by Guest,

8604748560 I received a call on my cell phone and my cell phone is not listed - I am on a do not call list -

Post by Guest,

860-474-8560 Repeatedly calls and doesnt say anything and it is extremely annoying

Post by Peaceworker,

8604748560 I got the same # and he said he is working Greek support company and support Microsoft Technical Support and give me --- - I spoke persons, Jack Johnson and Neil Johnson - Definitely it was a scam and be careful -

Post by KRC,

860-474-8560 mine keeps calling from china also bizzaro i figured right away must be a scam unless the worker who made my fone wants to know how its doing

Post by Peter Alexander,

8604748560 Claimed that my computer had a virus -  I asked to be added to their Do Not Call List and they REFUSED to do so -  Second time in two days -

Post by Frustrated,

860-474-8560 In the last week, I keep getting calls from this number -  I let the answering machine pick up -  Always a hang-up -  I know it is a scam -  Nice try scammers - -

Post by Long Island,

8604748560 https: complaints -donotcall -gov complaint

Post by BetaAnt,

860-474-8560 MS Tech support called and said my computer was sending out a virus - I ask him what OS I was using and he said it didn't matter - I asked him for my ISP and he couldn't tell me - He wanted access to my computer to look for the virus - He wouldn't look at my classified files either - Just go to this website - - I hung up -

Post by Guest,

8604748560 Keeps calling at various times of day and night

Post by doris,

860-474-8560 Found out the number is a scammer from this and other web pages -  They have been calling every day one or more times per day -  They are out of control and I wish someone could shut them down -  But anyway, every time they call I press answer and just set my phone down so they can listen to the background noise while I go on about my business -  Maybe if I waste enough of their time they will delete my number?  I can only hope -

Post by jk9267,

8604748560 Keeps calling - Callers ID shows Manchester CT

Post by Bill,

860-474-8560 Received a call from this number today on my cell - 'Tech support' notifying me that I have a virus on my computer and that my internet service was being blocked until I can call another number to get the virus removed - He couldn't tell me which of my computers was infected - So here I am on my 'infected computer' with 'blocked internet access' reporting this scammer for the world to see - LOL

Post by xxxx yyyy,

8604748560 Guy thought I was a fool who would tell him whether my computer was fine - I told him i knew he was a spammer and my number was on donotcall -gov and he better freakin' take me off his list -

Post by Joe Scrunch,

860-474-8560 Unrecognized numbers go to VM -  If no VM is left, BLOCKED number added to 'silent ringtone' list -

Post by Guest,

8604748560 They are "geek support" which is bull -

Post by Houston Smoke,

860-474-8560 Just got the call from a man claiming to work for "Microsoft" about my computer virus - I asked the man if it could be related to the massive amounts of porn I download; he replied "Yes sir, one of the sites you visited is a known hot spot for viruses - " I asked him which one, the incest site or bestiality? He replied "both are very active for viruses -" I asked him which one brings out the freak in him,  the brother-sister stuff, or the horse on man action? He hung up the phone abd I doubt he'll call back

Post by Sapna,

8604748560 Just did not answer :-)

Post by Guest,

860-474-8560 Fishing

Post by Guest,

8604748560 My cell phone was called from this number - Before it stopped ringing, my wife's cell phone started ringing - It was the same number calling - No message was left on either of our phones -

Post by Cheryl Park,

860-474-8560 Ditto, ditto -  the same story over and over again -

Post by Guest,

8604748560 Thief crook trying to get access to my computer- don't speak to them

Post by Steve R.,

860-474-8560 Received call today - Messing with him as did others -  When he told me to hit Windows Button and 'R' I told him screen went blue - (had not touched anything) -  Then I started into him hard, () he has messed up a business computer, () Who does he think he is (choice words used and loud)  () told him I was now losing business because computer down, () Next thing he will hear from my lawyer for repairs and loss of business -  Hit hard and loud -  Had fun, Can't wait for next call from Conn -

Post by Cat,

8604748560 This number calls me EVERY SINGLE DAY AND UP TO THREE TIMES A DAY -  While I am at work - -home - - asleep -I told them to put me on the DO NOT CALL LIST -Sorry for the shouting - - but I am fed up - these yahoos do not take the hint - - Quit calling me -thank you all for all your information and what you have done -  I will try it the next time they call -  and they Will Call -

Post by Guest,

860-474-8560 S

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