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Post by Answered,

8603788930 This was from Liberty electric Co -  (I think that's what she said -) - The person asked to speak to the person who makes the electrical supplier decisions -  So they want to sell electricity -  She said they were authorized to sell electricity in CT -  There was no Compant name on the CID -  I told her I already have a supplier -  She asked who that was and I told her -  Call was over -

Post by Broke-A** Btch,

860-378-8930 Obviously a "spoofed" number - Drive a stake through the heart of every robo-dialing machine NOW

Post by Guest,

8603788930 I tried dialing the number back, and got the disconnected phone message

Post by BMD,

860-378-8930 "southington ct" - no message -

Post by Snowmole,

8603788930 Scam - Called me, NML - Called # back and got NIS -

Post by Guest,

860-378-8930 caller not that credible customer savvy, offering "Green Energy" but still keep Eversource for lower fees - Also sounded too pushy -

Post by Rapture,

8603788930 Never anser with hello just say been waiting for your call all day confuses machine - All I heard was you pressed wrong option, good -

Post by 8604968358,

860-378-8930 Asked for my electric bill account number, when I told her I couldn't get it at this time she hung up on me Seems shady

Post by Guest,

8603788930 hang up no message - called back and disconnected - WTF

Post by Guest,

860-378-8930 Multiple calls

Post by Guest,

8603788930 electric reseller

Post by Guest,

860-378-8930 calls and hangs up - so don't bother to call if you can't leave a message

Post by Guest,

8603788930 Call me frequently - I am on the Do Not Call List and since I don't recognize the number, I don't pick up

Post by Guest,

860-378-8930 hang up

Post by CT,

8603788930 Received a call at :am, answered it, but no one said anything -

Post by Guest,

860-378-8930 Caller wanted to speak to person in charge of electric bill - Asked to be removed from list & they hung up mid-sentence

Post by lizzie,

8603788930 I did get a call but nobody left a message how rude

Post by Steph,

860-378-8930 This number has called my phone a few times -I finally answered it just now - She asked to speak with the person responsible for the electric bill - I simply asker her "why" and she hung up on me - I tried to call the number back and it says "not in service"Seems kinda sketchy to me - -

Post by Reed,

8603788930 I am in Connecticut and just got a call from this number -  I do not answer if I do not recognize the caller-ID, then if they do not leave a message I assume they are a telemarketer and I block the number -  So this number has been added to my blocked call list -My phone number has been on the National Do Not Call Registry since August so if they are telemarketers, they are violating the law -To block calls like this I got a Panasonic KX-TGEB that allows me to block up to numbers and or area-codes -  Panasonic has several new models that will block that many numbers -  You simply save the CID to the blocked list -  You can also block area codes by adding them to what they call a “Range List” (you are blocking the range of numbers starting with that area code) -There are several types of call blockers & call blocking phones -  I suggest you get one so at least you only need to deal with any caller once -

Post by Guest,

860-378-8930 Supposed landline by Flowroute - Leaves no message if you don't answer - Indicates either telemarketer or scam -

Post by me,

8603788930 woman call re electric rates that the state offers to lower rates came up caller id southington ct

Post by VFR,

860-378-8930 Received a call from this number --, and a few minutes later I got a call from -- -  Both are pitches for electric rates, which in most cases are scams where they end up jacking up your rates way above the electric company rates -  They are probably related -

Post by Reed,

8603788930 CID Southington CTLeft no  message

Post by Guest,

860-378-8930 No name - I did not recognize the number - I picked up, anyway, but a recorded voice said, "I'm sorry - That's not a valid extension -" This number called me

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