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Recent Comments for 8603704562

Post by Foote,

8603704562 Jst received a call from this number -  Didn't answer, but called it back -states its a non working number - -how can that be - -Don't even bother to pick up -  

Post by Guest,

860-370-4562 Keeps calling my cell - SPAM

Post by Guest,

8603704562 Same as all the other complaints - Claims to be from a credit card company (cannot say which) calling in regards to a credit card (that I do not now and never did have) - Legal Action against this organization DEMANDED IMMEDIATELY

Post by Sharon,

860-370-4562 Thank you all for your comments - These evil people just called my elderly mother on Christmas Eve She didn't answer, and she now knows how to block those sorts of numbers - Thank you all, and Happy Holidays

Post by Steve G,

8603704562 Thanks for the info, everyone -  I don't answer unknown numbers but add me to the list of people who think a "Do Not Call List" should be enforced -

Post by Guest,

860-370-4562 called am Tue - did not respond to hello -

Post by creditaler,

8603704562 I got a call today but no one talked??

Post by Leah,

860-370-4562 ME TOO

Post by Jeni,

8603704562 Got a call on my cell phone - Did not recognize number - By the comments on here for credit card - I don't even have a credit card - Did not answer and they did not leave a message -

Post by C.,

860-370-4562 I received a call from this number: -- -I have since found out that it is from scam artists seeking to steal my credit card information -Avoid these scum

Post by Guest,

8603704562 Left no message - Keeps calling

Post by Guest,

860-370-4562 left no voicemail

Post by twopeas6572,

8603704562 I received a call from this number - -I didnt answer it because I didnt recognize it -  They did not leave a message, and it will not allow me to call it -

Post by Annoyed,

860-370-4562 spam

Post by Annoying Call,

8603704562 This number keeps calling my work cell number -  I finally got to speak with someone and asked them to remove me from their list and they hung up on me -

Post by wag,

860-370-4562 How do you stop these guys no call list doesn't work -

Post by Annoyed,

8603704562 Called but didn't answer - Assuming it was spam according to other responses -

Post by Guest,

860-370-4562 they just hung up after I said hello

Post by steve,

8603704562 i added this number to my reject [***] list along with numerous others -  if you don't recognize the number don't pick up and just simply look up their numbers only - -thanks everyone - -

Post by Mike,

860-370-4562 Spam recording about how you can lower your rates with a credit card -  Made to sound like someone is calling with an urgent message about your "current credit card account" -   Total spam -

Post by casey,

8603704562 I received calls in a row from this number - When I answered, no one speaking - -silence - added to "call block" -

Post by laura,

860-370-4562 called no message left --

Post by jewels,

8603704562 Got a call from this number and did not answer - They left no message - I got a previous call just before this one, from a different number and a different state that is a scam so i didn't answer this one - Watch out, scammers are busy this time of year -

Post by Guest,

860-370-4562 Scam credit card interest rate reduction - Phishing fraud and scammer -

Post by sad,

8603704562 First off this call came to my cell phone today, which I thought was a no-no for cell companies to give out our #'s - - -it is one of several from different #s, in the last couple of weeks - - -usually missed calls, so don't know what it was about - - - if I call back it say not a working # - - -go figure - -  thought maybe elections at first, but still getting - - -I block # and I get another with a dif # - - getting aggravating

Post by Cindy,

860-370-4562 Caller refused to identify name of company when I asked which credit card was in "need" of lowering - He didn't answer, and asked me if I needed my interest rate lowered - I asked again what company he was with - He replied that I obviously couldn't answer the question - I told him he couldn't either - Then he hung up - BLOCKED

Post by fed up,

8603704562 got a call on my cell phone - answered - obviously a robo call>this is Rachel at credit card services -blah blah, something about press to see about lowering interest rates -  I immediately hung up  Guess I'll have to add this to those limited numbers of calls we can block (without paying extra charges) for days in cell phone carrier's website -

Post by John,

860-370-4562 The card service scammers   WILL   'service' our credit cards,   BUT,   when they finish 'servicing' them, they will have NO available credit remaining People that are fooled into having their cards 'serviced' will be charged a MINIMUM of -, and many times the ENTIRE amount remaining on the card - The card service scammers are a disgusting group of degenerates, who prey mainly on the low income, and the elderly, but will cheat anyone that they can

Post by justin reiber,

8603704562 This number calls me to times a day -

Post by Guest,

860-370-4562 Spam

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