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Recent Comments for 8602413271

Post by Guest,

8602413271 Caller said he was doing a school project (for Univ of TX) for just one day wanted marketing information

Post by RickG,

860-241-3271 Got a scam phone call on my MOBILE phone from a lady with a very thick South Asian accent -She said Mr - Gonzalez, I am from the IRS, you are under investigation and a warrant has been issued for your arrest - That several letters had been sent to me - (oh no) So I asked her name, she said Sarah Wilson (hah), her employee ID number is I asked her who the investigator prosecutor was and who was the judge who issued the arrest warrant - she said David Chung and Gene Moon - Another hahahahaI then asked her what court issued the warrant - She got flustered and told me she is very serious -I told her she was lying and I did not believe her - And what did she want?She said she wanted to send me to prison for seven years -I said ok, thanks good for you - Bye -

Post by Guest,

8602413271 bill collector

Post by Guest,

860-241-3271 hai

Post by AJ,

8602413271 I live in upstate NY area and I just got a call from this number - I didn't pick it up, but they didn't leave a message, and so far they haven't made an attempt to call back -

Post by TC,

860-241-3271 Received a call from today at : am to my cell phone -  A recorded message, something about Brenda Moore, and wanting my work and home address in order to serve papers - strange that it's a recording and no option to press a key for a live person -  Didn't want to call the phone number provided as I was afraid it was one of these foreign based scams that charge you , for the call -   Called my local phone comapny and they were checking into it when they found all this info, so advised me not to call the number   We don't owe anyone anything overdue, so I'm not worried by them and not going to fall for any ploy of theirs

Post by Rob,

8602413271 Costant calls for the past week - I tried to call the number and "it is not in service"

Post by Guest,

860-241-3271 Constant calls from this number and -- and -- over the past few days - They either hang up before I can pick up - letting it ring time - or if I answer it it says "will you accept a call from (and then there's silence - -no name is given)"

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