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Recent Comments for 8602292992

Post by STOP!!!!!!,

8602292992 spam robo calls - stop calling me - scam artists - on blocked list -

Post by Guest,

860-229-2992 Called no message, then said it didnt work

Post by Todd Bonnett,

8602292992 Inbound call and then hangs Up

Post by Rachel McRee,

860-229-2992 This credit card interest rate reduction company calls my cell phone all the time - I have no credit card debt - And every time I ask them to stop calling me, they hang up the phone -

Post by Guest,

8602292992 Xxxxxxx

Post by Chuck,

860-229-2992 Got a call from this number, didn't answer -  There a lot of scammers out there waning help with yourcredit interest -  They really wan't to relive you of your credit card -PT

Post by Guest,

8602292992 Card Holder Services - Scam -

Post by Ralph,

860-229-2992 [***] [***]

Post by Doug,

8602292992 Same stuff as reported above -  I am so tired of this nonsense -  I wish I was connected with the Mob -- they'd have a way to deal with it -

Post by Guest,

860-229-2992 Did not answer call

Post by frankie,

8602292992 the call to reduce your interest rate on your credit card, I have tried numerous ways to stop them, the next time I will scream in their ears -  you have to have over thousand in credit card debt, so I don't qualify and they just hang up -  when you do the hit to be removed, that has not worked and this has been something for over a year I get -  of course if I qualified, I wouldn't give them the information -  and I don't even have any of the cards that qualify -  it is just a fishing expedition by a bunch of crooks -  filed with the do not call directory and nothing ever happens -

Post by DanTe,

860-229-2992 If you have call forwarding features (like on Verizon Digital Voice), than forward this jerk to -- -  That's the FCC Director's office phone -  Maybe the FCC will finally do their job when they start getting the annoying calls -  Since filing complaints with the FCC doesn't work at all

Post by Guest,

8602292992 call no message no caller id

Post by Guest,

860-229-2992 I didn't answer

Post by Guest,

8602292992 Cardholder services

Post by Jeff,

860-229-2992 This is the fifth time I've received calls from this number - - When you transfer to a live agent to request a do not call, they hang up -  This is a business cell phone - - Sheesh -

Post by lvl,

8602292992 Same thing here - - they keep calling daily using different numbers -  I just "ignore" -  Won't answer numbers I don't know -  Will these people ever get a clue?? Sheesh  Being on the Do Not Call list does me no good -  They just keep calling and calling and calling - -

Post by Guest,

860-229-2992 Spam

Post by Guest,

8602292992 Did not say anything

Post by Stardust5,

860-229-2992 Got a call on my cell but no answer - Put all my phone # on the Do-not-call list and all of a sudden I get calls like that on my cell, which never happend before - Does the government make money off us all from that list? Really looks like that

Post by libby gaskins,

8602292992 This number calls at least times a day -  Please stop them

Post by Guest,

860-229-2992 no one there

Post by smk,

8602292992 I got a call from this number -Any time I get a call from one of these dubious numbers that I don't recognize, I don't answer -Then, I look up the number and usually end up at a site like this one - I copy the number, add it to my contacts list with a name like "Ripoffs" or "Scammers" and give it a special ringtone: MUTE -

Post by Guest,

860-229-2992 Card holder services regarding my credit card account -

Post by Robert,

8602292992 I have got many calls from these sleze balls and my call blocker app stops them in their tracks its a free app on android phones

Post by Guest,

860-229-2992 Selling

Post by Guest,

8602292992 calls--no message---and phone co - says number not in existance but map show addy in Conn - on Britain ct

Post by Naomi,

860-229-2992 This is a scam just hang up when they call

Post by Guest,

8602292992 No

Post by Guest,

860-229-2992 Credit card spam

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