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Recent Comments for 8559007878

Post by Liv,

8559007878 Got the same call talking about some card service I didn't have with a fraud alert I never got lol

Post by David,

855-900-7878 Suspicious, as it came through on my cell phone -  I only use my home number with credit card companies -  Wasn't going to give info, but did try to call number -  "Out of service" -  Never heard of Mast Card World Credit Card

Post by Anonymous,

8559007878 Yeah, these tools tried to pull the "fraud protection" scam on me - Not falling for it -

Post by Guest,

855-900-7878 left a message saying they were Barclays security service and there was an unauthorized transaction thank goodness i did not give out my information

Post by cindy,

8559007878 Got a call from this #  sounded legit but if course it is happened within second of purchasing an e book

Post by amy,

855-900-7878 I just received this message too and was confused - The name of the credit card was unclear - Now I know it's not legit -

Post by Vinni,

8559007878 Just got a voicemail with this number -  Obvious fraud as I don't have a MasterCard or an account with Barclays -

Post by Guest,

855-900-7878 Do not answer any calls from this number - This a scam - professionals trying to get your pin, SS# etc -

Post by Not so big Jim,

8559007878 Got Urgent Message from "MasterCard -" Too bad I don't have one - I am glad "They" detected fraud on a card I do not carry -

Post by Guest,

855-900-7878 Don't have an account stop calling

Post by V,

8559007878 Call after used Amex at Sunoco gas - Wouldn't connect Til give card # - Don't have the card - Thanks to the forum -

Post by Sarah,

855-900-7878 Received a call from this number - Started with a + and figured it was from out of the country so I did not accept it - Voice mail said my master card had fraudulent activity on it and that they were from Barkley or Barclay Card Services - I have one MC and it definitely isn't from any company with that name and my account seems fine -

Post by ashley,

8559007878 Just got a call on my cell phone and they left an automated message saying it was from Barkley card and that my account was on hold due to fraudulent activity - I don't have a MasterCard and never heard of Barkley card -

Post by Lee,

855-900-7878 Received a voice mail message from Barclay Card-Master Card Worldwide -  Since I'd not have a Barclay Card, I am ignoring the call as an obvious scam -  The number showing as the origin of the call was -- -

Post by Guest,

8559007878 Received call saying it was our credit card company asking for our cc number - Called our card company directly and they had not called - this is a phishing scam -

Post by Karen,

855-900-7878 Same thing happened to me--right after I'd used another credit card -

Post by Erica,

8559007878 Received this recorded called yesterday - FRAUD - I don't have a MasterCard and surely not with the Barclay company -

Post by donna,

855-900-7878 Just got a call from this number, too, about a problem with Mastercard -  Scam, scam, scam - -

Post by Mom,

8559007878 Just got this call too -  Scammers beware They said it was from MC world acct fraud detection, then they want u to put in ur card # -  Don't do it


855-900-7878 CALL ME IM LOOKING

Post by David,

8559007878 Fraudulent

Post by Susan N,

855-900-7878 Just received a scam report - From Barclays Bank putting a hold on card I never had,,

Post by Dave,

8559007878 Got an automated message @ unauthorized charges on a MasterCard Worldwide that I don't have - Fishing for info -

Post by CB,

855-900-7878 Just received he same info for World Acount which I do ot have -  Thank goodness for this site -  The SCAM artist are everywhere

Post by J. Luttrell,

8559007878 Yeah had a feeling it was a scam when I could not get to "customer service" without entering the card number - So I didn't enter and hung up, then googled the number hence this site - Sad they are still around, shows how much the government cares about out identities and the security of our finances -

Post by Robyn,

855-900-7878 I got the same call about a master card that I don't have - thank goodness for these forums where we can share experiences

Post by Karen,

8559007878 Same thing happened to me--right after I'd used another credit card -

Post by Krystle,

855-900-7878 Left a minute long voice mail repeating how urgent it was I get back to them & told me my account was frozen - Then they said it was for my Mastercards fraudulent activity - I don't even have a credit card and my bank card is a visa -  Total scam call -

Post by Charles Kayhart,

8559007878 Credit card call don't have card with them

Post by Karen,

855-900-7878 Same thing happened to me--right after I'd used another credit card -

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