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Recent Comments for 8558754065

Post by nancy,

8558754065 call me twice a day, once in early afternoon and once around -: pm

Post by Annoyed,

855-875-4065 Caller is calling day & night So I put him on my contacts as "do not answer - I know now its him calling me -


8558754065 Hajib, or Hash Hish calkled and mumbled someting about a debt owed by Pablo Ramirez - I am NOT Pablo Ramirez, so we danced around no Pablo at this number, comprende - LOL I eventually grew weary of Hash Hish's poor English skills, and hung up - The bets part, I BLOCKED him - LMFAO

Post by Guest,

855-875-4065 Scammers

Post by scorpio,

8558754065 this number calls asking for some one that don't live here -  caller refuses to tell me who they are or what their company does so i googled it and it is a debt collector told them not to call my number but still getting phone calls so i blocked that number

Post by SEZESQ,

855-875-4065 Me, too

Post by warrior,

8558754065 Danny saying he was calling from  Credence Resource Management demanding my credit card number for a payment on a ambulance bill and when I said that the case was being negotiated with the ambulance company he was saying he would give me a better deal to give my credit card number - After I read this I am thinking are the company's sharing our info because he said he had my social security number he just needed a credit card number -

Post by Guest,


Post by Guest,

8558754065 Reported to fbi ftc and local police for phishing fraud and do not call registry violation - Bottom feeders

Post by Jim,

855-875-4065 I owe nothing

Post by SEZESQ,

8558754065 Did your admonition re: not calling effective?

Post by Anon,

855-875-4065 You may want to contact John Sours' office with the Georgia Department of Consumer Protection - Maybe he can help: consumer -georgia -gov They helped my sister with a collection agency who was harassing her with back-to-back-to-back phone calls before AM - His office sent us a copy of the letter they sent to them, warning they were violating state and federal consumer protection laws--and they faced fines of , per day if they didn't stop -The calls stopped -This Business is not BBB AccreditedCredence Resource Management LLC() - Atlantic Blvd STE , Norcross, GA -F on a Scale from A+ to FFactors that lowered Credence Resource Management LLC's rating include: complaints filed against businessFailure to respond to one complaint filed against business -Additional InformationBBB file opened: Contact InformationPrincipal: Michael PriestBusiness CategoryCollection Agencieswww -bbb -org atlanta business-reviews c - - oss-ga-

Post by Guest,

8558754065 harassing calls

Post by SSCc,

855-875-4065 They call EVERY day for my mother - - how did they even get MY number? I picked up once and the gal didn't speak english at all - I kept asking "what is this call in regards to" and the only answer she had for me was "Hi i am calling for _____" or "Is this ____"? Seriously?

Post by Suzy,

8558754065 So just had a call from this number, he had a very strong accent, and wanted me to verify who I was - Well, I asked him several times who he was and he wouldn't tell me - So  I said well, I have been getting a lot of scammers calling me lately, so until you tell me who YOU are, I am not going to give you any information - He then said he was sorry to bother me and he'd just remove me from the list - LOL - I could almost hear his face pale -  Obvious not a legit company -

Post by Same here,

855-875-4065 Same here

Post by Guest,

8558754065 Cant even understand them

Post by Guest,

855-875-4065 Bill collector

Post by Sam lee,

8558754065 thanks for your posts on this issue I honestly don't know who they are so I have not answered yet - all I know s if it's not a negative on my credit report then they are not a valid collection -

Post by Fed up in NC,

855-875-4065 This number constantly calls - times per day - I don't answer and from what I see, I definitely don't have an ambulance bill knock on wood -

Post by Ci,

8558754065 They are Credence Resource Management - They were looking for someone else, though - I missed the call, so I finally called back - I was informed that they would remove my number from their system (hopefully) - They call me about - times a day -

Post by bajajanabjv,

855-875-4065 Calling me everyday - I refuse to answer -

Post by Guest,

8558754065 debt collector

Post by hatescams,

855-875-4065 Ha  Good one

Post by Michael,

8558754065 Oldest guy you ever want this Indian whatever it is is to get information without giving any information I told him I didn't have anything to say to him without knowing what it was concerning have a good day you all day away from this guy

Post by Guest,

855-875-4065 I get at least two calls a day from this number - Can 't understand a word the person says and they are vague about what the call is about -

Post by Fed up in NC,

8558754065 Credence Resource Management, LLC Atlantic Boulevard, Suite Norcross, GA Hours of OperationDay    Business Hours (EST)Monday – Friday     a -m - – a -m -Saturday     a -m - – p -m -Sunday    ClosedFor Customer Service enquiries or Escalations:Phone : between am and pm EST orEmail us at [email&#;protected] * * For Disputes or Complaints:Phone : between am and pm EST orEmail us at [email&#;protected] * * or [email&#;protected] * * as applicableYou can also mail your Dispute or Complaint to PO Box , Southgate, MI -For more information contact: [email&#;protected] * *

Post by s canot,

855-875-4065 Credence Resource Management, L -L -C -credencerm -com

Post by Standupagaintscammers,

8558754065 Received a call, they want to verify all kinds of info never say what the call is about -[email&#;protected] * * From their off shore offices--

Post by nina,

855-875-4065 Got a call on my cell around :p -m -, I didn't answer, they didn't leave a massage

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