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Recent Comments for 8558719884

Post by Deb,

8558719884 I think this is a bogus number as I alledgedly have a claim filed against me and my significant other and I am to have my attorney call the number -

Post by John,

855-871-9884 HiI tried calling that number and it just rings - no one answers -Are you sure you have the right number?

Post by Guest,

8558719884 Believe it fraudulent

Post by Deb,

855-871-9884 I think this is a bogus number as I alledgedly have a claim filed against me and my significant other and I am to have my attorney call the number -

Post by Jo,

8558719884 I got the same type of call to my cell which was a private number, I thought it was one of my kids I don't usually answer private numbers -  The guy named James, said he worked for  Nation wide Courier service and that they needed to verify my information and see if anyone over would be home tomorrow to sign for some legal documents that were filed against me - He also wanted to verify my information which a lot of it was wrong and I didn't correct because I became suspicious - He also gave me the -- number and said I could call Smith & Parker Associates with a specific reference number so I could get information as to what this matter was about - He also said he would put the documents on hold so they wouldn't go out to my home tomorrow - I have not called the number I decided to do some research - I cannot find any company by the name he gave me except for a realty company by the name of smith and associates - What concerns me is they had the last four of my social but I didn't say whether it was correct or not -

Post by Guest,

855-871-9884 They have been told not to call on the job but they continue to do so -

Post by Guest,

8558719884 Fraud and also

Post by May,

855-871-9884 Caller states a legal complaint has been made against you,  They said by this call I have been served,   I was given a case number  to refer to and told I must call them to stop legal proceedings,   This is the second time I was called -   The first time I was more upset and called my son who has a lawyer friend -  The lawyer called and told me he would handle it -   He said this a scam -  They get your information from the internet, where I have filled out various forms to get information or to win a supposed prize,  ( stupid me) -  The first time they called they had my name incorrect  so of course I corrected them - - My lawyer  said please don't give out anything, which I know, but they called  and woke me up and I was not thinking -   THIS IS A SCAM -  I told the second caller   I knew it is a scam, and he said it was his job to notify me and I should get something to take his number,  My lawyer  suggested to call the phone company and put a block on that number -  There should not be a charge -

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