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Recent Comments for 8558496979

Post by Kim M,

8558496979 It was a female computerized voice asking for "Grant Jones" and if I wasn't "Grant Jones" to press - Then it asked if I needed to place the call on hold while bringing "Grant Jones" to the phone or press if the number did not belong to "Grant Jones" - After pressing , I was told "sorry for the inconvenience" and the call ended -

Post by Guest,

855-849-6979 claims to be Verizon

Post by cloudles,

8558496979 Just found this -"Area code is a future area code reserved for toll-free calls in which the calling party is not charged - Instead, the telephone carrier charges the cost of the call to the called party - Toll-free numbers, such as numbers, have applications such as technical support, customer service, and personal use -"Don't answer the phone for this number They are not even paying the bill for the call

Post by Erin,

855-849-6979 This is a scam - Definitely NOT Verizon collections They are calling my phone for my mother using her maiden name which she has not used in years -  When I called them back they were so unprofessional and ended up hanging up on ME Do not give them any information

Post by Guest,

8558496979 Fake Verizon Wireless

Post by Joe,

855-849-6979 This is absolutley rediculous I looked at my missed call log today, there were calls from this number The first call was at : p -m -, then thirty minutes after that, another at twenty seven minutes later, thirty eight minutes after that one, then a break for four hours and twenty five minutes, eleven minutes after that call, yet another, with the last one at : p -m - Really? No message justcall after call -

Post by beatthemattheirowngame,

8558496979 unless you know something I don't, I have caller ID and don't answer any number I don't know - My kids, other family etc -, OK - Legitimate businesses also allow their name on the caller ID (department stores we buy from, amazon, etc) - when I don't answer it takes a while but eventually they quit calling - another way is to pick up the receiver and leave it off for enough time that their equipment unhooks - that ties up their equipment and cost them money - it feels so good - also, assuming only friends and family know your cell unplug your land line phone, or shut off your ringer and if you have an answering device let the device answer - again it ties them up - Never, Never, Never, give any one but family an friends your cell number - Beat them at their own game - It feels so good -

Post by Anonymous,

855-849-6979 It can't be Verizon collections because my number has never been anything but AT&T

Post by Denise Larson,

8558496979 I have been getting at least - calls from this number within minutes of each other for the last days - I don't answer them but getting really annoying -

Post by No Way,

855-849-6979 Or download an app like Mr - Number to block them -

Post by rabbit 01,

8558496979 i havent answered but get this call everday at same time annying as h dont know how to block it but ill learn  i agree we all need to complian to verizon maybe?

Post by Guest,

855-849-6979 block

Post by jackieboy,

8558496979 If a human is on the other line when you answer, blow a whistle into the phone - After a couple of times of you doing this to them they will get the hint and stop calling -

Post by tina,

855-849-6979 This # calls us several times a day, first on the land line, then a few minutes later on the cell - - -which is NOT verizon - This happens every day - We just don't answer it, but I'm seriously thinking about blowing the whistle in their ear -

Post by Guest,

8558496979 verizon

Post by whocares,

855-849-6979 I received a call around : pm -  Too bad we can't get their personal number and call them in the middle of the night -  We don't have a Verizon account either -  Bit if this is their tactic to drive business - they definitively won't get mine

Post by Guest,

8558496979 they claim to be verizon, than ask for my social security number

Post by Guest,

855-849-6979 Rude operators asking for personal info but won't give nature of call - BLOCK THEM

Post by Mike D.,

8558496979 I answered call (there have been numerous calls from this number) and, this time held while a recording said "Please hold, your call is important to us" -  About seconds later a voice identified itself representing Verizon and wanted the last numbers of my SSN -  I said now and asked the purpose of the call -  I haven't been a Verizon customer in over years -  He wouldn't tell me the purpose of the call until he got my SS digits -  I refused and hung up -  I've now blocked the number -

Post by I'm no fool,

855-849-6979 Wife and I received calls (missed) on our cell phones the same day and when I called them back and asked for them to identify what company he was working for, he hung up -  We recently switched from Verizon to another carrier so it would make sense their scam is probably using Verizon as a front -  

Post by Guest,

8558496979 Claiming to be verizon wireless - They ask for the last four digits of your SSN, and get very upset when you don't tell them -

Post by Guest,

855-849-6979 scam

Post by Guest,

8558496979 harassment

Post by ken,

855-849-6979 JMW  you may also be interested to know that not all who call are    "Telemarketers" -  Someone calling  to collect money,  or scam  is not a Telemarketer -    Telemarket Telephone Sales of products or services -

Post by Jean,

8558496979 The guy called, said he was from Verizon, asked for Amber, when I said no Amber at this number hewanted the last digits of my social security number to remove me from the calling list but refused to identify himself other than representing Verizon -  I called Verizon the next morning and reported it -

Post by Sela,

855-849-6979 This number calls me time in a day -Rude when I asked to be removed from there caller list please - Customer service person keep askng for my information - When the person your asking for no longer owe tthis number -Ty

Post by JessM,

8558496979 This number started calling my cell phone days ago, time that day, times yesterday and so far time today -  After the st call yesterday I put the number on my reject list -  I don't know who they are or what they want, but I don't answer a number I don't know -

Post by yessi,

855-849-6979 You know nothing

Post by Wilma Fingerdo,

8558496979 So far they called me x yesterday, and x today -  So annoying

Post by Vern McKinley,

855-849-6979 Keeps calling but no one there when I answer

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