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Recent Comments for 8558406041

Post by Javier Dominguez,

8558406041 Caller want to send me pills for money -

Post by Guest,

855-840-6041 Receiving calls from this number on cell phone at least times a week for about years -

Post by Guest,

8558406041 recording

Post by Stephen,

855-840-6041 Have you had success filing suit against them? Trying to identify the business details to do it myself and having trouble tracking them down -

Post by Guest,

8558406041 I've requested to be removed from their calling list several times - They continue to robocall & leave voicemail for credit stuff I don't want - GetYour is the offender

Post by Guest,

855-840-6041 consumer report bureau for checking all credit bureaus do not answer spamming call -

Post by David,

8558406041 Selling illegal narcotics via western union -

Post by Guest,

855-840-6041 recorded sales call

Post by David S,

8558406041 Wanted me to buy illegal narcotics from online and then a western union? I called the police -

Post by Mike Jones,

855-840-6041 Survey's, Charity and Political calls, are exempt from the DNC as a ROT, however, they can still get into trouble for not placing you on a internal DNC when asked, you can also check your states laws in regards - Some states do not allow them to call on their state DNC laws which can differ from the federal - www -tcpalaw -com www -kleinmoynihan -com publication new- - - ctober-- www -consumer -ftc -gov articles -national-do-not-call-registryhttps: www -donotcall -gov www -ftc -gov opa dncfyi -shtmbusiness -ftc -gov documents bus-complying-telemarketing-sales-rulebusiness -ftc -gov documents bus-compl - - -rule#DNCrightsDo consider maybe getting a call blocking device or phone - You can google them and many are around - or so -Report your callers here if they continue to call and harass:https: www -ftccomplaintassistant -gov #&panel-https: esupport -fcc -gov ccmsforms form -actionBy State DNC lists:www -donotcallprotection -com do_not_call_chart -shtml

Post by Andy,

8558406041 Has anyone been successful getting this f**kers to stop calling? I too have reported them, and also requested them to remove my number from their auto dialer but unsuccessful -

Post by Guest,

855-840-6041 Spam call

Post by G.L.,

8558406041 this is a recording saying it is the consumer research group calling - - -a group that tries to sell for a package to clean up credit -  lol - G - L -

Post by Guest,

855-840-6041 Pure spam, credit offerings and won't stop calling

Post by Sassy Lady,

8558406041 I keep getting phone calls on My cell phone from this number above,at least to now increased to timesa day,I have not picked up the phone,I do not recognize the number -They do not leave a message,but continue to call My cell phone -I have my home phone and also My cellphone listed on the Do Not Call List -I do not want to waste My time calling them back,do not know where their located,could be a foreign countryand wack up a large cell phone bill -They need to stop harrassing people,of their telemarketer tactics or who ever they are -They start calling Me as early as : AM and as late as : PM at night  CA time -

Post by Christy,

855-840-6041 Had a man call my daughter today and offered to sell her street drugs such as Vicodin and Oxycontin via the internet -I cannot believe this is allowed to continue -

Post by Guest,

8558406041 do not let this number to call my phone

Post by Patient forever,

855-840-6041 The owner is obviously a pathetic low life wannabe, but the calls really don't bother me that much - When I see the number on my caller ID, I just hang up - - - -and the best part is that I'm willing to do it until the day I die - I win -

Post by Stephen,

8558406041 Have you had success filing suit against them? Trying to identify the business details to do it myself and having trouble tracking them down -

Post by steve,

855-840-6041 Harrassing calls from -

Post by Guest,

8558406041 Credit repair call - robo

Post by Annoyed by all the calls,

855-840-6041 This company is a total scam - After calling me twice a day for about a month now I decided to play along - I went through the entire startup process only to give her all fake info - When it came time to give her my cc info I said, well I have now got approx - calls a day for over a month now so hopefully I wasted some of your time today as you have been wasting mine for a while now - She called me right back swearing, lol - Do not even bother requesting to be put on the no call list I recommend going to your cell provider and blocking the number -

Post by NANCY,


Post by Guest,

855-840-6041 Wont stop calling

Post by Laura,

8558406041 Someone here tried to sell me Percoset online - This is illegal

Post by Vanessa,

855-840-6041 I just received a call from this number - The automated service then told me to call the number back because "operators are standing by" - I called and asked for my number to be taken off the list - As the word "list" left my lips, I was already hung up on - I called back and said I was just rudely interrupted, the girl on the phone said "are you interested in upping your credit score to ?" I said no, I would like for my number to be taken off your list - - Again, the same girl that hung up on me before hung up on me again - - I called back for the third time and said "I'm reporting you as a scam" she hung up - I called back more time about minutes later because I figured I'd have a little fun for her irritating the crap out of me - -I had it all planned out - For my address it was going to be our local police department and their phone number - The social security number was going to be from Tommy Tutone's hit but at the end of the number to complete it as a SS# I was going to add - And here's what it all comes down to the Credit Card - - The number I was going to use is (It spells out Nice Scam Ahles) and the expiration date was -- with the security code on the back as -

Post by Guest,

8558406041 The recording calls all the time - They have been asked to stop calling and they still keep calling -

Post by Guest,

855-840-6041 Spammm

Post by Guest,

8558406041 harassing me when I have no idea who they are

Post by Guest,

855-840-6041 They wont stop calling me I told them more than multiple times to take me off the list they wont an I try to call the number back but it doesn go threw

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