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8556873255 Love you

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855-687-3255 Collection

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8556873255 This # is harassing me plaza help

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855-687-3255 Called times this week, hangs up every time

Post by Mark,

8556873255 Scammers -We participated in a Dayton Flyers Basketball printed schedule - vendors participated and we were all promised TV and radio spots - I asked for a schedule of TV and radio purchased - I got a single page fax of only a few of the air times needed to fulfill the agreements - from a FOX affiliate - I called the affiliate and they commented it was an unusual purchase, but that was the entire buy - I asked BCI to send the remaining buy agreements and nothing came - I never sent the second half of the - I called half the participants and none had heard either radio or saw TV ads - I gave up and moved on - I paid half up front because I've had experiences in the past with illegitimate ad agencies - Got an aggressive call today to pay my balance - I said I would when they prove the ads ran - The guy says they already did and it would be a lot of work to go back and find what I was asking for - "It's only dollars, just pay it", he said - I told him he was a scam and he told me they were legit and in business for some number of years - I told him that it would be no problem to show me what I wanted just like any other ad agency would - He went back to pushing me for the money that I "agreed" to pay and I told him I would call the Attorney General of Kentucky about this - but you know it won't be an issue because I'm in Ohio - right? He hung up on me -They prey on small business who think they are getting a great deal - Your not - They call out of state because you have no recourse - This is a loop hole that has excisted a long time and with the internet has proliferated into other areas - So beware and always pay half up front - And if the "agreement" is an email or on letterhead and both parties responsibilities are not clear - Run -

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855-687-3255 harassment

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8556873255 Anyone know who this is?

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855-687-3255 Anyone know who this is?

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