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Recent Comments for 8556039962

Post by Jack,

8556039962 I own my business just opened about Months ago iv had to many to count calls from them - Iv got hung up on and even people getting rude with me after I tell them that this is a business not a resident line - I called back the number and I was very nice and told the lady the story and told her next time I will get lawyers involved and the phone company as while - so far no calls but we will see - Iv started writing numbers down to take with me if they start harassing  me again -

Post by Melinda Wheeler,

855-603-9962 These people say they are from Check recovery systems, then the preamble says they are looking for criminals - But when you try to tell them they have the wrong number they become rude and abusive yell and hang up - I am reporting them to Tallahassee FL for being a scam outfit -

Post by christina moreland,

8556039962 They keep calling my family phones never my phone saying i owe dallors on a payday loan in that i have hour to call them or i going to jail ive never had loans so must b a scam but these pepple no my name so kinda funny -

Post by Guest,

855-603-9962 Calls frequently trying to contact a person that does not live here "to collect a debt" -

Post by Guest,

8556039962 Calls asking for someone i dont know - Debt collector

Post by Cane,

855-603-9962 I'm not hard to find -  Told them to come and get me -

Post by Marylinn,

8556039962 Attn: Everyone - I use to be a collections manager & this is your rights under FDCPA Laws: FDCPA VIOLATION – CALLING THIRD PARTIES It is an FDCPA Violation for debt collectors to call third parties (family members friends, etc -) while attempting to collect a debt -  Debt Collectors oftentimes call third parties as a method of intimidation -  Debt Collectors know that if a family member gives a message to a consumer about a debt collection call the consumer will be terrified about the debt collector calling other third parties -  Fortunately, generally speaking, the FDCPA prohibits calls to third parties and when a debt collector calls them you can usually find an FDCPA violation - FDCPA Violation – Harassing or Abusing It is an FDCPA Violation for debt collectors to harass or abuse consumers while collecting debts -  This is really where the bulk of my work is spent -  Under the FDCPA, if debt collectors abuse or harass someone you have a FDCPA violation -  The question is, what is “harassment” or “Abuse”? That is a really good question and really needs to be dealt with on a case by case basis to determine if there is an FDCPA violation -  If the debt collector is simply rude it might not actually account for a FDCPA Violation -  However, if the debt collector steps over the line and becomes outright mean, threatening, or engages in other behavior – one can usually argue a FDCPA Violation occurred -I'm getting calls from this # as well & when I called back I told them these rights i was told don't call back & got hung up on - Wait I thought they were looking for me yea right - LOL

Post by BOB,


Post by Guest,

8556039962 No nobody in line

Post by Sharon in North Carolina,

855-603-9962 Keep receiving phone calls from this company looking for someone who doesn't live here and who I do not know -  They are rude and unhelpful when you try to report that they have a wrong number -

Post by Joe,

8556039962 This people told me that they are from Georgia and have a warrant coming out on my name for interest on a payday loan that I already settled in court in Missouri -  I tried to get more information and they just hung up - I called the police department in Georgia and they told me to file a report in the state I live in now -  I am filing a report on them and hey Karma is a B*tch Scam

Post by Marylinn,

855-603-9962 They leave harrassing messages on my parents answering machine stating if I don't call their is a warrant for my arrest -

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