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Recent Comments for 8555070606

Post by Kenny,

8555070606 I get the pone calls -times a day -i tell them I don't want any thing they got to offer -But mins later the same place calls different person -If the man calls and you hang up - Guess what ,a woman calls you back thinking you will listen to them -

Post by Guest,

855-507-0606 it's job radar - com

Post by craig,

8555070606 That was a real live male computer you were talking to -

Post by craig,

855-507-0606 It wont stop calling ,its a computer to sound human -its all fake -They couldnt pay somone to get that kind of rejection,next time it callsListen closley if you dont respond,It says hello,when you do respond its asking another question -I asked are you a computer, and it said no,stopped asking its questions and hung up

Post by Stopcalling!,

8555070606 This number calls several times a day - I have applied for many jobs online, so I know that's where they're getting my phone number from - It The company name that shows up on my phone says Job Radar -

Post by Angel McDonnell,

855-507-0606 They called me times in one time and every time they call they leave  voice mail its annoying

Post by antonio floress,


Post by Sharon,

855-507-0606 Received calls from Radarjobs -com - I had not registered for any type of job on their website - I called their number and requested no more calls - I was unable to understand what was said and hung up -

Post by Smarter than them,

8555070606 Answered the call - Listen to there pitch - Then told them to mail correspondence to the following adress:  Pennsylvania ave - NW -              Washington, D -C -

Post by The gr8 one,

855-507-0606 I don't know who they are but I called back and told them to not call me again - Idk how they got my number but just call back and tell them to not call you back -

Post by Erin,

8555070606 They keep calling and never leave a message -  I'm getting real tired of this harassment -

Post by David,

855-507-0606 This number called me claiming to have a job - It found my number on jobhat - -I had clearly checked that I wasn't interested in furthering my education - This is a scam, they don't have a job just trying to get your credit card info for an nonlinear school -

Post by sarah,

8555070606 Yes, me TOO So pissed, that's a total violation of my privacy - The calls are non-stop, clogging up my missed calls & empty voicemailsGrrrr

Post by stacey,

855-507-0606 stop calling my house for the th time in days its getting annoying im about to change my number this is not harassment and im tired of it

Post by craig,

8555070606 It wont stop calling ,its a computer to sound human -its all fake -They couldnt pay somone to get that kind of rejection,next time it callsListen closley if you dont respond,It says hello,when you do respond its asking another question -I asked are you a computer, and it said no,stopped asking its questions and hung up

Post by laura,

855-507-0606 Same here xs today - Keep say hello no answer - If you answer an they don't respond first hello it's a school - They don't take no for answer -

Post by austin,

8555070606 they should get a real job and make it better for everyone trying to do the right thing -

Post by Rachel,

855-507-0606 Well this is the th call I have received today (all missed) while I was at a couple of job interviews - i have clicked no to the continuing education crap, however, I also noticed on a couple of the sites you have to agree to accept the calls before you go any further - If you read the fine print at the bottom this is where they get the authorization to give your number out, then it takes you to these sites where you then decline and say you are not looking to further your education so technically you already gave your consent for them to call - -it sucks I know but I just decline the calls -

Post by Ashley,

8555070606 Stop calling me - I am on the do not call list

Post by Guest,

855-507-0606 Keeps calling but no response and hangs up

Post by wolverine,

8555070606 everytime i apply online i always receive calls about furthering my education, after i check no im not interested

Post by Chuck Haddock,

855-507-0606 Called my house and didn't say anything when I answered

Post by Guest,

8555070606 take me off your calling list - the person you are looking for is not at this phone number

Post by yvette bravo,

855-507-0606 This people call me and offer me to help me find a job - They ask questions and then they hang up -

Post by Guest,

8555070606 Very irritating

Post by Brian Deininger,

855-507-0606 Hackers I believe stealing personal information

Post by Guest,

8555070606 Calls times a day

Post by furrychocolate556,

855-507-0606 Person keeps calling me and don't know why - I believe it is to further my education, but I told them i'm not interested

Post by steph,

8555070606 I recieved a call from this number and the matched a job to my skills I haven't had any problem with this number - -

Post by Yu Zhou,

855-507-0606 I got this phone# call today, it said can help me to find a job since I am looking for a job now, and ask me my zip code and my GPA from high school - I asked the lady why they need my high school GPA because it won't help for searching the job for me - Then she said she didn't understand me and I didn't understand her - The she hand up - I blocked this number from my cell phone right away -

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