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Post by Big money for Jerry Springer,

8554258843 This site does NOT accept vendetta posts, take it elsewhere.

Post by Guest,

855-425-8843 Jessica

Post by Guest,

8554258843 harrassment

Post by Guest,

855-425-8843 It's a wanna be pimp

Post by got served,

8554258843 Leanne, are you a complete fool?  You are.   But we are not.  Real process servers  never inform the person they want to serve in advance.  But let that go.  You say you got a letter from someone?  SCM and Associates was it called?Interesting.  I looked up SCM on the notes indexsearch page and guess what?These items showed up under the same number with SCMScm Associates                     Calls by a Mark Davis  or Jake.Global Processing Services   Calls by a Sasha  or Steven.Secure Capital                       Calls by a Nick C.Riverside Financial                Call by Mark Fischer.Elite Processing Service        Calls by Lauran Blake.Now.How about giving us the name and address of this SCM place.  How about giving us the name of the person who signed off on your so-called letter.For your information, police departments do not issue paper work in civil matters.   Police are never involved in the processing of civil matters.  Yes, you can hire an off-duty policeman to serve process in some places.    And yes, here in Los Angeles County you can pay a fee and a sheriff's deputy will serve civil process.   But that's it.   No public law enforcement official represents any debt collector.   Debt collectors have no power or arrest and no influence on the criminal justice system.   Badly done, Leanne, badly done indeed.

Post by kc,

855-425-8843 They do the same thing to me and i try calling back and it wont ring or connect the call

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