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Recent Comments for 8554040162

Post by The Real SERIOUS,

8554040162 Why don't you  start calling FENTON Nissan West everyday ( FAITHFULLY EVERYDAY ) Give them a taste of what it is like -  In fact put their phone number on here with your complaint so others my call and bug the [***] out of them too -

Post by Guest,

855-404-0162 XM radio wanting me to sign up after my trial ended, not spam, just an annoyance -

Post by Anon,

8554040162 They have many numbers and just use another one when you stop answering or when you block -  I already have three numbers stored in my phone -  The car dealership gave them your number and I intend to have a talk with mine because they never disclosed that they would be giving my private cell phone number to them -


855-404-0162 I DID NOT BUY A NEW CAR -

Post by Guest,

8554040162 Spam racists -

Post by John,

855-404-0162 SIRIUS XM Radio constantly auto-dialing me - This should be illegal - One thing is for sure, they will get theirs one day -

Post by Guest,

8554040162 Sirius XM Radio

Post by Celia Patricia Ross,

855-404-0162 I have received numerous call from this number -  It is aggravating -  Due to the fact that they call and leave no message be assured I will never get Sirius radio if that who is calling -  I am and do not this nonsense in my life -

Post by Katie,

8554040162 Thank you

Post by Guest,

855-404-0162 Harassment

Post by Guest,

8554040162 Told them dont want their service - Please block number

Post by The Real SERIOUS,

855-404-0162 Why don't you  start calling FENTON Nissan West everyday ( FAITHFULLY EVERYDAY ) Give them a taste of what it is like -  In fact put their phone number on here with your complaint so others my call and bug the [***] out of them too -

Post by Guest,

8554040162 Sirius hounds

Post by Guest,

855-404-0162 They keep calling nonstop

Post by Guest,

8554040162 What yaw'll need to say is "remove me from your list" and get callers name - Simply telling them not interested is not good enough, they interpret as "not at this time but maybe later" -

Post by Guest,

855-404-0162 On "Do not call list" - What don't they understand about that? Aren't they breaking some FCC rule and can be fined?

Post by Rick,

8554040162 Your Funny

Post by Guest,

855-404-0162 hope they all die in a big fire

Post by The Real SERIOUS,

8554040162 Its hard to stop the calls, especially when you can't file reports on the government web sites with the shut down - Your best bet is to keep a record of the calls, keep messages on the answering machine and record (see your states recording laws on this, some require you inform them up front) Tell them verbally once, back it up with a letter sent to them (and their affiliates) via US certified mail (keep a copy of the letter) and demand they stop calling - After you do that, file complaints with the FTC & FCC -  See the TCPA laws also -

Post by R. Flynn,

855-404-0162 They keep calling but don't leave a message - It's really getting annoying -

Post by Guest,

8554040162 Calling several times a day, days a week Not interested or I would follow up ₩hat don't they understand Get lost they are going to break ringer on phone,cause I'm not interested - - No

Post by Ryan,

855-404-0162 XM radio, very annoying - They use multiple numbers - Every time I block one they use a different one -

Post by jamie franklin,

8554040162 i dont have satellite radio -  i dont want satellite radio -stop calling me -

Post by Dave T.,

855-404-0162 I rented a car from Enterprise with a Sirius radio, and have received junk mail from them ever since - So now I get this stupid call to my cell phone constantly -   Thanks for NOTHING, Enterprise -

Post by Anonymous,

8554040162 This number is for SIRIUS XM Radio, they are trying to retain you as a customer, assuming you subscribed to the trial radio service when purchasing your new car -  If you liked the service call them back and subscribe, if not call them and request that you be removed from their list of prospectives

Post by me,

855-404-0162 they call me daily, sometimes twice a day, I don't answer - I too bought a Toyota and apparently it is Sirius trying to get me to pay after the initial months free - so annoying -

Post by Don'tBugMe,

8554040162 Sirus XM won't give up - Toyota and the dealer should disclose that they are sharing phone numbers and email addresses with these people - And that you will be subscribed - Disappointing since Sirus doesn't seem to understand NO -

Post by T.Sellers,

855-404-0162 I have told these people so many times I am not interested in Sirius XM Radio, but they call almost every day -  ---,  Pain the neck -

Post by Jill,

8554040162 You don't subscribe to the trial radio service with a new car now - - - they put it on there without asking -  Then they really bug you to try and get you go continue with the service -  No, there aren't commercials, but the oldies they play aren't any of the good songs -  We have the good ones on CDs now and just play our stereo instead -  I'm going to report them to the Do Not Call list now - - - it's been three months since we got the car and told them we don't want their service -

Post by Guest,

855-404-0162 I cancelled my service months ago - I'd honored my contract, yet they will not leave me alone -

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