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Recent Comments for 8554040160

Post by Annoyed,

8554040160 Keep getting phone calls from this #, annoying as ever -

Post by Dale and Joanna,

855-404-0160 We just bought a car weeks ago - The inboard screen says "Subscription expired " it gives a - number to renew the subscription -  So this number called today - Now it makes sense

Post by Guest,

8554040160 These people suck

Post by Kelly,

855-404-0160 Just bought a car two weeks ago with the month trial -  Not interested in paying for it once the free trial is up -  Have only listened to it once -  Wish they would stop calling me -  

Post by Dennis,

8554040160 I also am not a subscriber I have told them time and again why I would pay for Radio when I get it free - It is ok but just too much for what you get - They need to learn what No means -

Post by NATE,

855-404-0160 no he cant get a dishonorable for debt, not sure where you get your facts from - Im in the military been in the Navy for years now - only thing that could happen is if he holds a security clearance he could lose it, however he could fight it due to being deployed to iraq if he was unaware of the bill -

Post by Tara,

8554040160 GRRRRRRR - - -these idiots have been blowing up my cell for WEEKS  I called the dealership and THANKED THEM for giving out MY phone number -  Then I called Honda CORPORATE and THANKED THEM TOO  Don't want their radio -  Not even remotely interested -  Thanks again Honda -  

Post by Guest,

855-404-0160 They just keep calling every, both of my phones

Post by Dale and Joanna,

8554040160 We just bought a car weeks ago - The inboard screen says "Subscription expired " it gives a - number to renew the subscription -  So this number called today - Now it makes sense

Post by Shawn N.,

855-404-0160 Awesome Glad I checked - Just bought a Ford that came with three months of Sirius - Now I know what to expect if I answer -

Post by Guest,

8554040160 continuous calls - need to stop

Post by Guest,

855-404-0160 Also recently got a new car with trial of seriusxm - Been calling me a lot -

Post by Guest,

8554040160 Stop

Post by Guest,

855-404-0160 didn't anwser just hung up -

Post by Guest,

8554040160 Call every day - When answer, they hang up -

Post by dawn,

855-404-0160 Please take my number off this - It is annoying and I have no idea whom it is -

Post by Michelle,

8554040160 Im in Illinois - -Ive gotten in the last days - -one Saturday - -one Sunday - -and today -

Post by Steve,

855-404-0160 They have called x the past week and just left a voicemail of sneezing -  Very classy -

Post by nd927,

8554040160 they have some deals - - I got a year for

Post by M.A.Smith; Gainesville FL,

855-404-0160 If you have a smartphone, you might want to check into an app that will block unwanted calls -

Post by Ted,

8554040160 i also just purchased a new vehicle just over about weeks ago and they just called me -   i do have the free trial period also -  They don't waste any time -

Post by Guest,

855-404-0160 minimum of - calls per day- big pain in the **s -

Post by Guest,

8554040160 Calls multiple times a day for weeks now -

Post by Heidi Hower,

855-404-0160 Dear Heidi Hower -notes is not affiliated with your callers, we are not calling you either - notes is a forum for reporting who calls you and any information you may have about the call to share with other forum users - It is highly doubtful that your callers are reading here also - We can't stop anyone from calling you either - Do consider maybe getting a call blocking device or phone - You can google them and many are around - or so -Report your callers here:https: www -ftccomplaintassistant -gov #&panel-https: esupport -fcc -gov ccmsforms form -actionhttps: complaints -donotcall -gov complaint complaintcheck -aspx?panelBy State DNC lists:www -donotcallprotection -com do_not_call_chart -shtmlFCC Abandoned Calls Complaint form:www -fcc -gov cgb consumerfacts D-R -pdfemail:  [email&#;protected] * *

Post by victim,

8554040160 Sirius Radio pestI am not a subscriber

Post by Amber,

855-404-0160 I recently purchased a car with a month trial of Sirius XM -  I didn't answer this call but now I know who was calling -  My vehicle wasn't playing the trial so I went online and "refreshed" my signal last night - today I get the call - I've told them multiple times that I don't want a subscription in the past, but I guess they think I've changed my mind -  Nope - just want my free trial Ha

Post by Randy,

8554040160 Multiple calls within hours -  SiriusXM - I bought a car less than month ago, and it came with a free trial of satellite radio -  These folks are now calling long before the free trial is over to try to get me to buy a paid subscription with automatic renewal -

Post by Lee,

855-404-0160 Hey thanks guys I just bought a new Ford truck and have only had it - weeks and I received a call from this # and the truck came with Sirius xm - I'm with the others it's a little soon thought it had months too

Post by andy,

8554040160 huge S -O -B -

Post by Guest,

855-404-0160 Stop calling me

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