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Recent Comments for 8553954910

Post by Diane,

8553954910 I go the same call from this number - Claiming the had my first last name and a case number - Stated the same thing "must call back within hours who they'll make a decision with the complaint against me without my input" defintely sounds like fraud - I have not done anything wrong etc -the number on my call log came up as "" too - - -which is strange -

Post by susie,

855-395-4910 This is an illlegal call from a debt collector -  He called my cell phone informing me of the same as above - Michael, hours to respond, case #, etc -  This caller has called in the past and has also contacted (illegally) my daughter who lives in San Diego -  Very rude -  The more people who report this activity to the Attorney General's office, the more likely these people will get fined for their illegal activities -

Post by Mike,

8553954910 Just got this call coming for my uncle but with my address and talking about he had two people who were going to serve papers to the wrong address - Then gave me a case number that was similar to that of the one he had just given my dad but two numbers were different - Definitely reporting this call -

Post by T,

855-395-4910 I received the same call I've been married for years however they used my maiden name - I chose not to call the number back - I have pulled my credit report and have found a credit card debt on my credit report showing as unpaid - This credit card was actually paid off in -  I spoke to an attorney which said that companies , especially banks, used old accounts when applying for bailout money a few years back -  I would pull your credit report to see if any past accounts have been reopened as unpaid - The unfortunate side of this is that the company your account has been sold to actually shows your account as past due - If your like me, you no long have records from years ago - You will need to contact the credit bureau and request it be removed from your credit report -  I wish we could go after the banks that have wrongfully sold our paid or settled accounts to collection agencies -  

Post by Guest,

8553954910 Call originally came from "" - Several members of my family got calls giving --- as a callback number to resolve a matter of an old debt - We were told that we would be served with papers and would be required to appear in court unless we settled the matter - They gave such drastic time restraints - "You have minutes to call us back and make the payment" - Unfortunately we complied going so far as to give a debit card # just to settle this debt we were unsure about because we didn't want bad credit - Thankfully the bank declined the card and after some investigation we found that this was a scam - I cancelled my debit card and when he called again (and they call back to back) I confronted him - He ended up hanging up on me - I've never been so happy having my card decline -

Post by Nac,

855-395-4910 Got a call on my dad's phone from this number - Claimed I owed - to Wachovia - I have not had a Wachovia account since and it was a bank acct - Offered to settle for - to release me from any liability - Gave me a case number to reference - Am reporting them to the Attorney General's office -

Post by Guest,

8553954910 this is a law firm who refuses to give there name when they are searching for someone they can not find - they call and look for linda roney - she lives in Pittsburgh -

Post by Wood,

855-395-4910 Definately a scam -  Identified himself as "Michael" from the Verification Division -  Would not reveal which company or any other info -  Stated they were suing someone -  After several calls, he left a voicemail with a 'case number' -  "Must call back within hours or we'll take action -"  Sounds like they are phishing as a debt collector -  

Post by S,

8553954910 I just received the same call -  But just so you know, they can not arrest over debt -

Post by S,

855-395-4910 I just received the same call -  But just so you know, they can not arrest over debt -

Post by Guest,

8553954910 Original call came from "" - Caller left msg to a named individual (not me) stating they were also calling employers, etc; to have (me) call this number before legal documents were filed on a property - address given but no city or state - I called to have my number removed since they called it in error - They were not very polite or even any bit thankful for the info and hung up on me as soon as they got the case # info they needed -

Post by ann,

855-395-4910 I received a call from this number, Mine also was from "Michael", It also showed up on my phone as "", He stated it was on behalf of a company called ARG and that a complaint was filed against me and that i needed to return the call and reference a file # to get specific information -

Post by Fred,

8553954910 Received the same type of call from this number about my dad -  They demanded payment immediately -  Orlando Garcia emailed a settlement letter to me -  Really looks questionable  I will call about the account they are referencing -

Post by Patty,

855-395-4910 I received a call this morning from -  He said it was Michael from AVS and wanted to verify the address because legal papers were being delivered to me on Monday -  I asked him what this was in regards to and he wouldn't give me any information other than he was verifying my address and I needed to call -- and give them a case number for reference -  He never asked what my address was or gave me an address to verify -  I checked on our county's website and there is no lawsuit filed and we actually were just approved for a home loan last week -  This definitely sounds like a scam and I am going to report this to the attorney general's office -

Post by Mirranda,

8553954910 Received the same call today - They even called my work phone number - I talked to a guy and when I asked him to send me proof of the debt he sent me over to a lady that asked me for my income, rent, cell phone bill, and a bunch of other stuff - I told her I won't be giving her that info - I did contact my attorney general office and they will be checking into the call -

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