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Recent Comments for 8552123031

Post by Lee,

8552123031 Don't know who or why they are calling but they need to STOP

Post by Marian,

855-212-3031 : PDT  Have no idea who this was, but since I have going around in circles with Verizon for several days, thought it might be them calling me back since often they don't ID themselves when they call -  When I answered, no one responded, so I hung up -

Post by Guest,

8552123031 Unidentified phone number - My app says the number is located in North Central Kansas, south a town called Alton, off highway , near S - th Avenue -

Post by Chris,

855-212-3031 This caller or company is constantly calling my cell phone - I never answer - Unknown caller -

Post by Ervin Siebrecht,

8552123031 We have had at least calls from this number - Never get to it fast enough to have anyone on the other end - I would appreciate having this number blocked -

Post by Barbara,

855-212-3031 Typical call spamming a-holes - A pox on them and their families

Post by TLE,

8552123031 This number comes up on my phone several times a week - - they never leave a message - - this is clearly a harassing activity -

Post by Terry Hayes,

855-212-3031 I've been getting this annoying phone calls from this number even on the weekend -

Post by Guest,

8552123031 no message left spam

Post by M,

855-212-3031 number - No message left - Blocked it - Sure they'll be back with another spoof number -

Post by Vtails,

8552123031 IPHONE starting with IPHONE - and newer with IOS- - have call block without the need for an APP , But the limit is numbers - I am sure you could D L an APP from APP STORE for FREE TO add more Number's to Block - If you don't know the Number and it's not in your Address Book , I Don't Anwser , I Google it , and for the most part I don't call back Because it's always a Phone Call Center -

Post by B,

855-212-3031 They just called at :pm -  Left no message -  I called them back on my land line and got a busy signal -  

Post by ...,

8552123031 - -

Post by BethAnne,

855-212-3031 And how would you propose they do this? Most of these calls are actually coming from overseas using spoofed numbers - Also - -how would they stop numbers being 'sold'? Besides - -not all numbers are sold - Anytime you fill out a form online, you set yourself up -  Even when it's supposed to be a 'secure line', it's out there -   Wish folks would quit expecting the government to do it all for them - Take some responsibility for what you do to yourself -

Post by InspectorSix,

8552123031 Called and left no message -  We are on the Do Not Call List -

Post by Randall,

855-212-3031 More scammers trying to steal money from us old folks - Go get them and put them in jail -These callers violate my privacy, harrass and terroize myself and others, and spoof their caller ID -Filed the above complaint with the National Do No Call Registry - Suggest others do likewise -https: complaints -donotcall -gov complaint complaintcheck -aspx

Post by Mer,

8552123031 : pm call - I didn't answer and no message was left -

Post by Noneofyourbusiness,

855-212-3031 Some durkadur calling himself "James" (yeah right) "actually wanting to call and actually talk about grocery shopping actually in your area" - Yelled "eff off I'm on the do not call list a-hole" into the phone and hung up -

Post by Angry,

8552123031 Call blocker is your best bet and do not pick up on call numbers you do not recognize -

Post by Greg,

855-212-3031 It stops any call from machine or person from the blocked number - I use it - Best service ever -  No-Mo-Ro-Bo does Not stop political, charity, survey calls - I use a call blocker for those - If you block a number, it rings once, then hangs up - The Caller ID info is still saved, to verify who called if needed - Your statement is very ignorant -

Post by scammer ninja,

8552123031 -- Call Block is up there with romance and Merlot Actually was soaking in hot bubble bath and missed the called - yeah - I always screen my calls anyway, wouldn't have answered it had I heard the call -Call block available on  home phone and cell phone love it love it love it -

Post by patricia,

855-212-3031 Called no message  left -

Post by Guest,

8552123031 This # recently called me

Post by 1 855 212-3031,

855-212-3031 : PDT  Called just now and, once again, since no ID, I didn't answer -  Only message was brief breath on VM and then hang up -  Think I will be blocking this number now -  Have blocked this number and reading back over previous other reports, wouldn't be surprised if it was DirecTV -  They are poor losers and I discontinued them several years and they continue to send my offers and begging my to come back, literally weekly -    Simply refuse to take "NO" for an answer -

Post by Jesse,

8552123031 Got a call from this number; but didn't answer it - No message was left -

Post by Guest,

855-212-3031 Asking if it was a cell phone and about pharmacy stuff

Post by Anonymous,

8552123031 they really need to stop calling - times today alone - of them within a minute -

Post by Edward Snowden,

855-212-3031 It : PM on - Mothers Day -   These people have no shame -

Post by Dillon,

8552123031 literally just got the call from this number - The last days that I remember I've been call

Post by AR,

855-212-3031 I decided to answer the call this time to see who is annoying me - The guy had no foreign accent - I asked who he was and he said he was conducting a a survey from my grocery store - I asked him why was he calling on a Sunday, he answered that they work on Sundays - When I told him that he wasn't supposed to be calling on Sundays he said "Have a good day Ma'am" and hung up - Polite the guy - My husband says I'm lucky I didn't get a barrage of insults -

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