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Recent Comments for 8552067179

Post by Dave,

8552067179 Listened to the message, then pressed "" to talk to someone -  Told the lady I'd never vote for a nut like Carson then hung up -

Post by Guest,

855-206-7179 Calls most every day and never leaves a message - Obnoxious

Post by Guest,

8552067179 This number calls constantly and will not stop - Please, someone in Kansas stop them from calling at all hours - No call listing does not stop these &^*%%, from calling -

Post by LJC,

855-206-7179 This number left a call and no message on our business line with no caller ID - If callers do not call with an ID, we block them - This will be blocked -

Post by Diana,

8552067179 Thank you for sharing this - -this number calls me every single day - -next time they call, I'm going to answer and put the phone down for about minutes - -bet they don't call again - -

Post by B&B.diehl,

855-206-7179 Thank you for the info -They call twice a day -I never answer,but glad to know what you found out

Post by Gary and Susan Kurkul,

8552067179 Many unwanted calls from this number -  We are on a Do Not Call registry, but still get these calls -  We don't answer, but they don't leave a message and they keep calling anyway -  Glad to read the other messages from people also disturbed by these calls -

Post by LJC,

855-206-7179 Similar number to a PIC that has been calling - Repeated calls from this exchange (-) with different last numbers - We have blocked this entire exchange -

Post by Bill,

8552067179 Got another call from this number, but I did not answer, because I do not know anyone with such a number -  However, I do wish they could be put in jail, because that is where they should be, for using my telephone without their permission -

Post by Disgruntled Recipient,

855-206-7179 send them a message and tell them what you think of them constantly annoying you:www -americanlegacypac -org contact-us

Post by Guest,

8552067179 Calls every other day and SUNDAY No Message

Post by Mark,

855-206-7179 I received a call from -- today but did not answer -  The caller did not leave a message -It's been many years since I made a donation to any politician -

Post by john,

8552067179 Mother Jones - 'nuff said - -

Post by Guest,

855-206-7179 I answered - there was a second delay and just before I hung up, I heard a female voice asking for me, however, anyone who knows me knows how to pronounce my name - I had checked this number before and it's always the same , I answer and then they delay making their plea - I don't need this crap -

Post by Deejay,

8552067179 Now I'm getting these calls - - Isn't the DNC great?? (Blocked)

Post by Guest,

855-206-7179 Too many calls

Post by Guest,

8552067179 Always comes right after a call we answer -- like it is connected to our phone being in use -

Post by Monty W.,

855-206-7179 Received computer robo calls with recording on --, again on -- and returned call to -- - Agent identified herself as "American Legacy PAC" - I requested they place my number on the Do Not Call list and stop calling - I got an argument with agent stating they are exempt because they are "Non-Profit" - I had to repeat my request and issist they  stop calling, and she finally took my number - I received another computer robo hang up call again from the same number on -- and pressed their Do Not Call extension and punched in my number - Enough is enough If they call again I will send them a bill for damages and stautue violations, etc - Refer to the Telephone Consumer Protection Act of , and the Telemarketing Sales Act, and others -

Post by Guest,

8552067179 Called & indicates the they are a paid solicitor - The person on the phone did not know what percentage of the collected money went to the company that is soliciting and what percentage went to the stated goal issues that means us listers percentage is quite high I hung up -

Post by Thomasd,

855-206-7179 I contacted the American Legacy PAC and they removed my number from their call list - Ben Carson is great - You trust Mother Jones???

Post by Guest,

8552067179 Hangs up no message -

Post by Guest,

855-206-7179 No message

Post by Guest,

8552067179 Constant calls no answer

Post by Diana,

855-206-7179 Thank you for sharing this - -this number calls me every single day - -next time they call, I'm going to answer and put the phone down for about minutes - -bet they don't call again - -

Post by Tom,

8552067179 Got the call but it was blocked, darn

Post by Guest,

855-206-7179 No message - Calls multiple times - Do Not Call Listing is worthless -

Post by Frankie Kendall,

8552067179 First I got a call from this number, which I did not answer -  Then a few minutes later, I got a call with my name and number on my caller ID -  I answered to see what was going on and it was an service talking about a credit card -  I pressed to speak to someone and when I asked why my name and number were on the ID, I got a sound kind of like a laugh but more like a sound meaning ha ha we got you -

Post by john,

855-206-7179 Mother Jones - 'nuff said - -

Post by DKS,

8552067179 We receive a daily call  from this number to our home phone which is on the "do not call" registry - We don't answer because caller is unknown - No verbal messages are left, but there is sometimes a brief pause where we can tell there is a person there, as we can hear a mumbled word and or breathing (Inhale or exhale) -

Post by Guest,

855-206-7179 Calls daily and never leaves a message - Evidently National do not call list is as effective a Border security

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