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Recent Comments for 8326211281

Post by Guest,

8326211281 some b -s -that you're a winner of a price you never entered - who gives randomly

Post by S Morgan,

832-621-1281 Received calls in one day from this number  Blocked the number -

Post by Jordan,

8326211281 The same thing happened to me yesterday

Post by Guest,

832-621-1281 barely speak english, loud in background, hang up before you can tell them not to call

Post by Guest,

8326211281 They call me once a day for the past week - When i pick up, no one says anything - When i call, they decline the call

Post by Guest,

832-621-1281 crooks

Post by Guest,

8326211281 Fake you out home security system

Post by Guest,

832-621-1281 Free security system, asked politely to remove my #, he hu

Post by Lou,

8326211281 Just received a call on my cell phone from this number -  It also said "Texas" -  I do not answer calls that I don't recognize, and they did not leave a msg -

Post by curly,

832-621-1281 This number called my mobile number few times today - The messages they left are only silence with noise in the background of some sort of telemarketers talking - Going to block it

Post by Guest,

8326211281 received call but no one spoke and it just hung up on me after a few second

Post by Guest,

832-621-1281 Idk who this is but blocked it on my I phones blocked list for mths no calls now I'm getting them again - Bye bye losers -

Post by Guest,

8326211281 Called, no message

Post by Guest,

832-621-1281 Foreign accent, claiming I won a home security system - - obviously a scam -

Post by kcparalegal,

8326211281 I just missed a call from this number; based on notes, I will NOT be calling it back -  Sounds like a collection agency and owe no one

Post by Lo,

832-621-1281 Needs to stop calling our home

Post by Granny,

8326211281 Have been getting calls from -- on my cell -  No one has my cell number -  So they musthave a way to get your cell number -  ID read Alvin, TX   We do not answer calls we do not know -  

Post by Guest,

832-621-1281 sales home security systems

Post by Guest,

8326211281 Keeps calling, I am on do not call list

Post by Jay,

832-621-1281 It is a scam -  Do not answer -

Post by BK,

8326211281 Don't know who this is - They left no message - Stop calling me

Post by Guest,

832-621-1281 This number called my mobile number few times today - The messages they left are only silence with noise in the background of some sort of telemarketers talking - Going to block it

Post by Guest,

8326211281 Calls but hangs up - Annoying -

Post by Guest,

832-621-1281 Even thought I'm registered on the DoNot Call list I recvd this call - Don't appreciate it - What's the point of being on the List if businesses can call u -

Post by BP,

8326211281 Received call from this number twice now, I answered today - Was told I was "selected" to receive a free home security system - I asked to be removed from their list and a woman who identified herself as Katy, hung up - Caller ID listed Alvin, TX

Post by Ghfjvfhbvb,

832-621-1281 I hope it just stops they have called me times in the last days

Post by Joel,

8326211281 It is from South Houston, Alvin actually -

Post by art453,

832-621-1281 They said they are SBS Home Services out of Alvin, Texas - When they called I told them to remove my name from their list and not to call again - The young female said very aggressively, "I'll call you back" with a snarl - I blocked the number on my cell -

Post by Ryan Hill,

8326211281 They called me yesterday - Rang twice and disconnected - I had a reason to call back (don't now) when I did elevator music - I'm wondering if it was part of that scam of weird area codes trying to get you to call them - Anyway, they called me several hours later and left a weird voicemail that sounded like a woman in a bad mic saying "well alright" had some background noise too - It was caller id'd from Alvin, TX

Post by Guest,

832-621-1281 Telemarketers that couldn't speak very well

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