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Post by Kath,

8322600416 I've gotten a ton of phone calls from this number -  Who is it and what do they want?  They also never leave a message -

Post by Thomas,

832-260-0416 Call them back with this: www -soundboards -com ?view  just use the WHERES THE EFFIN' MONEY clip - It's funny -

Post by tori,

8322600416 What does this person or agency want? I keep having the phone calls also

Post by Grrrr,

832-260-0416 They have called my cell times today and they are looking for my fiance - A LITTLE ON THE CRAZY SIDEIts a total visa credit card based on what Ive been reading cause thats the only thing he has -

Post by very helpful,

8322600416 I find the people at this company to be courteous and helpful - And NO, I don't work for the company - It is Total Card and I got the card to help re-build my credit - As long as I pay my bill on time, I never get any calls from them - They offer me a credit line increase every three months via my statement that gets mailed to me, and I call them to validate - This card works very well for me and the representatives have always been helpful and informative - If you owe them money, I suggest you talk to them and work out a payment schedule - However, there are laws protecting consumers from credit card and collection agencies (i -e - by law they cannot call past PM) - If you feel you're being harassed, know your rights and then speak to the company and tell them they are violating the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act:www -expertlaw -com library consumer fair_debt_collection -htmlYou can contact the attorney general in your state, or file a complaint with the FTC if you believe the company is operating under illegal practices - I hope this helps, good luck

Post by KAREN,


Post by Sara,

8322600416 Call to times a day -  No messages, no one on the other line -  They ring phone all day and night -

Post by millie,

832-260-0416 this number also called a couple times in a day - and they never lefted a message on my voice message or any message - are they telemarketers?

Post by redintexas,

8322600416 These people also call from -- - is a Houston TX area code - Just like the number I get calls from, they call times an hour from am until or pm everyday all day - I make my payments on time every time - As soon as this card is paid of, I'm cutting it up -

Post by Snowflake,

832-260-0416 Don't know who they are, but many calls every day -

Post by bbiggee,

8322600416 Receive to calls per day

Post by GD,

832-260-0416 TOTAL Card  and they will  call from several numbers

Post by Bonnie,

8322600416 I have been receiving calls from this number - When you answer they setup recording machine to record your conversation - The give your name - Becareful, never give out information over the phone -

Post by Bre,

832-260-0416 They ring phone all day long -

Post by Maureen,

8322600416 TOTAL CARD - CALLS TODAY - -I would call this harassment - does anyone agree ???

Post by Mz. B.,

832-260-0416 These idiots calls me all day long on my cell and home number; if there is a number I don't recognize, I don't answer - Thanks for the heads up

Post by Lu,

8322600416 same thing - ID said "A - Johnson" - never a message - also the number from Luverne MN has shown up too -

Post by Forry,

832-260-0416 number showed up on caller id -

Post by Playero63Texas Call,

8322600416 -- These People Keep calling atfter :PM I told them to stop calling and they blantly repplied "WE WILL NOT STOP CALLING" They use profanity and agression on their tones, Very rude people -

Post by TEACHER,

832-260-0416 I have gotten a ton of calls from this number -  What do they want?  They will never leave a message -

Post by Playero63Texas Call,

8322600416 -- These People Keep calling atfter :PM I told them to stop calling and they blantly repplied "WE WILL NOT STOP CALLING" They use profanity and agression on their tones, Very rude people - Can anyone tell me how to report them???

Post by mr [***],

832-260-0416 did not answer

Post by GooGoo5150,

8322600416 It's definitely TOTAL CARD I do have an account with them However If you just miss a payment they will call you the day after the due date What's worse is that they call you in the early morning hours I was always under the impression that NO business whether it's a collection agency or solicitation is supposed to call until AFTER am The number comes from TEXAS and they called me at :am EASTERN TIME TEXAS IS CENTRAL TIME so let's do the math here You mean totell me that these agencies start work at am? and call people at ? TOTAL CARD has got to get a better collection system and not subcontract to other numbers "throughout the United States" - Last time TOTAL called me on a missed payment the call was from out of DETROIT ,MICHIGAN and under the names J Huth and V Huether Who are they? Are they SUBCONTRACTORS? I guess anyone can become a collection agency For the benefit of trhe doubt it could be a way to prevent identity theft by decoying themselves for your protection who knows? AGAIN Total must get themselves a better collection system They are supposed to be based in South Dakota

Post by CVAH,

832-260-0416 Call for people who work here, but hang up before they come to the phone -

Post by Babyette,

8322600416 It is calls like this that make me program EVERY number of people and places I call so I know when to answer - If your name doesn't show up on my phone then you go to voice mail

Post by Fight back,

832-260-0416 When companies start harassing people by making several phone calls per day or even in a week, we should start calling the CEO's and other executives’ phone numbers and then hang up on them -  So every time you get a call from one of these companies, call the executive, let the phone ring a few times, and then hang up - People need to do their best to meet their obligations but it an absolute evil wrong for such blood suckers to harass people in this way -  Productivity of the debtor is hurt  Rather a stupid and ancient practice to harass debtors for payment - Absolutely unAmerican - Once again a great evil caused by the greedy liberals and their lawyers -<br>Two or at maximum three calls per week from a creditor is reasonable and responsible -  Making a call and not leaving a message still counts as one call -  You thieving creeps that harass people need to be put on a leash for your irresponsible abuses - It will be you that will be responsible for the financial ruins of the United States or is that your goal, you slime bags?<br>Such hard squeezing on individuals is an excellent way to lose them -  Those that make tax laws also need to learn this fact -  You morons have forgotten how much more someone can be more productive without the snap of the slave whips -

Post by ckm,

8322600416 i think is total visa, these [***] are harassing my job, my numbers for that is in dispute with the FDIC they offer credit cards that are usury they charge you for a credit limit of so you are paying hundreds of dollars in fees it is nuts -you can report them to the FDIC

Post by wes,

832-260-0416 called time no message and then you awnser they dont talk for a min the keep saying hello its really anoying and needs to be stoped we all need to report them to the bbb and the do not call regersity

Post by irritated consumer,

8322600416 I have received them too, i understand a pymnt may be due but its one day late and i am getting calls a day

Post by Annoyed Citizen of US,

832-260-0416 Call and leave no message -  Very unprofessional and ignorant -

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