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Recent Comments for 8322412583

Post by Guest,

8322412583 I don't want to receive calls from these guys

Post by Guest,

832-241-2583 Car warranty

Post by John,

8322412583 unknown caller, no voice mail -

Post by Guest,

832-241-2583 car warranty company

Post by SEG,

8322412583 Unknown number, no voice mail left -

Post by TexasJ,

832-241-2583 Same deal - Missed call, no voicemail -

Post by agr,

8322412583 no message left

Post by Jose,

832-241-2583 Picked up and hung up -

Post by Ben,

8322412583 Nobody says anything just a lot of background commotion, so I hung up - I'm sure I didn't miss anything -

Post by Guest,

832-241-2583 Says factory warranty on car expired - Over calls and each time states this is my final notice - I politely ask them to stop calling and she immediately hangs up on me before I can even finish -

Post by ABC,

8322412583 They sale extended warranty for automobiles -  I asked them to provide me with  the cost and the items covered by the warranty - I was told that I would need to authorize something before they would give me that information, so I told the caller good day and hang up the phone - I received another phone call the next day (I made a mistake to answer it as I was waiting on a phone call from another person) - I told the caller that I had talked to someone yesterday, and the caller would not give me the information of the cost of the warranty without obtaining my authorization - The caller today assured me that they could provide me with  the information - However I would need to either accept or reject the offer after the information was provided -  I told the caller that  I only wanted the information today - I would like to do some comparison before I accept their offer - Afterwards, the caller hang up the phone on me - It sure seem to be a scam - - - Be Ware - - - -

Post by july,

832-241-2583 called cell left no message im on a do not call list mmm wonder how they got my personal # ?

Post by Ron,

8322412583 Caller knew my name and yr and make of my vehicle - She immediately started in about this was the final courtesy call about my (yr & make) auto warranty - I said I'm not interested and as I was hanging up the lady was still talking - Blocked the number -

Post by Patricia,

832-241-2583 No one said anything then hung up -

Post by MaryTX,

8322412583 This number has appeared on my caller ID several times - They do not leave a message - I called the number and a non-identifying recorded message said to press a number to be removed from their call list -DO NOT press the number  That lets them know you have an active # and they'll continue to harass you - Simply block the number or call your provider for assistance -

Post by dmm,

832-241-2583 This is a company that sells extended warranties for vehicles - I made the mistake of answering - They keep calling me even though I have told them to remove me from their list -- also, I have told them the car was totaled and I no longer have it - I keep getting calls -

Post by Guest,

8322412583 Cold calling for car warranty -

Post by Guest,

832-241-2583 car extended warranty

Post by Gustavo,

8322412583 They ask you once you say no, not enough, twice you say no not enough, third time you get upset (no profanity from you) and they hang up  Blocked the number -

Post by Funny Bunny,

832-241-2583 Service call about a car warranty - I told them that I no longer own the silverado so he said God Bless and hung up -

Post by Guest,

8322412583 Calling to sell me an extended warranty on a car I traded off six months ago -

Post by annoyed,

832-241-2583 Called a number that is on the Federal DO NOT CALL LIST -

Post by Guest,

8322412583 Car warranty - Once I told the man It has ,+ miles They hung up on me - - - - I want that warranty - - Craping sales man

Post by D,

832-241-2583 Received a call from someone who would not let me speak - I was trying to tell him that he had the wrong number since he was talking about a vehicle that I don't own and he claimed I did - Once I said sir, he replied - First of all, i'm a mam- not a sir and hung up on me - I tried calling back and got back a machine - Not sure who these people are, but they have no manners -* I know it's some sort of company, but they did not mention the name -

Post by Ben,

8322412583 I finally answered - I couldn't understand them so I hung up - I didn't miss anything -

Post by JTC,

832-241-2583 Called my cell phone asking for my mom, when I asked what they needed, they hung up -

Post by Guest,

8322412583 dont call again

Post by Guest,

832-241-2583 Spam recording

Post by Andrew,

8322412583 Kept receiving calls from different numbers claiming to be from the same company with a generic name - This past time it was from this number and the company is called "National Dearlership Services -" The lady had the same script as all the other callers from this company stating my warranty on my vehicle was about to expire - I had told all of the previous callers to remove me from their list - I keep getting these calls - I looked up the company name and did not find much on the internet - This company is very annoying -

Post by Guest,

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