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Recent Comments for 8322324929

Post by Connie Bailey,

8322324929 Received an email from this number stating they have an Arrest Warrant for somebody with my name - I called my Local Sheriff Department and they assured me that if I did have a Warrant, they would never send an email of notification -

Post by no name,

832-232-4929 I received the exact same e-mail

Post by Bill,

8322324929 I got the same email - The document is soooo fake and not even a good fake - I forwarded the email to my local police and FBI offices - I hoe they catch these @#%&s -

Post by Guest,

832-232-4929 Do NOT call this number - It is a scam -

Post by no name,

8322324929 I received the exact same e-mail

Post by Guest,

832-232-4929 Recieved a threatening e mail saying that this person has an arrest warrent in the US District Court for violation of federal banking regulations - If you call the number this person answers - I believe it is a scam because they ask for money -

Post by randy,

8322324929 I got same email this morning forward it to state office of fraud investigation

Post by Guest,

832-232-4929 I am being threatened

Post by kathleen,


Post by Guest,

832-232-4929 SCAM There is no warrant if there was they would not warn you Call your local BBB and police this is a scam for your money

Post by Guest,

8322324929 got the samething in a email

Post by Guest,

832-232-4929 Received the same as others have - What can I do about this?

Post by Guest,

8322324929 received emailWe have received an Arrest warrant against your name Kindly call as soon as possible before the court case is file in order to get a settlement before you have any trouble at your home or job - ALISHA BROWN () State Investigation Department Attached Images

Post by Guest,

832-232-4929 Received an email from this person stating that an arrest warrant had been issued in my name for United States District Court for violation of federal banking regulations? OMG talk a about scaring you to death - Never seen anything like this - Not exactly sure how to handle, call number or call my bank? How can someone get your email and name and send this to you?

Post by Robin Turner,

8322324929 Received email with number of from an Alisha Brown stating she is from State Investigation Department and to call this number or will be arrested - Fraud, FRAUD - Do not call them or given them money - Fraud all the way - No state issues an arrest warrant through an email -

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