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Recent Comments for 8322109010

Post by Guest,

8322109010 Offering to lower credit card interest rates -

Post by Guest,

832-210-9010 credit scam

Post by Guest,

8322109010 Did not identify - just press "" if I wanted to be put on a do not call list Did not respond, thinking that could be a gimmick- just hung up -

Post by Guest,

832-210-9010 not familiar nor do I want to be, with this phone number or related lines -

Post by Guest,

8322109010 Caller could barely speak proper English, trying to lower my credit card interest rate - I asked for which credit card, and he named off multiple cards - I asked if he's calling re: a specific card - He repeated the same cards again and got angry and hung up -

Post by Guest,

832-210-9010 CC offer

Post by JC,

8322109010 Got this call on my cell phone - Since we have some relatives in Texas I answered and got a robo voice offering to lower my credit card interest rate - I selected the number option to remove my number from their list - Hope that they were honest about that - As usual, so much for the do not call list

Post by Guest,

832-210-9010 Credit card scam - Recording says they need to speak with me about my credit card and the interest rate, and its urgent to handle this matter before it expires - (I don't have a credit card -)

Post by Anonymous,

8322109010 Channelview TX - Answered and when they said card services I hung up - Don't usually pick up but have relatives in TX - Blocked them but am mad at myself for picking up -They'll pass my number on as someone who answers

Post by Dean,

832-210-9010 Received a call from -- on at :am EDT - Caller ID displayed "Channelview TX" - Did not answer and an automated message was left -The automated message was the usual breathless appeal to "lower your credit card interest rate" - It appears that this is another number being used by the "Card Services" scam - I have added the number to my Google Voice block list -

Post by Bob,

8322109010 Same old story to steal your Info

Post by Guest,

832-210-9010 Credit card

Post by Guest,

8322109010 Didnt answer

Post by Guest,

832-210-9010 Spam message even though I'm on do not call list

Post by HHinWI,

8322109010 Received call on number I never give out offering a lower interest rate -  Ask why she was calling me at this number she said in response to my request, which was a total lie -  Worse because I'm on the "do not call list -"

Post by Guest,

832-210-9010 Spam

Post by Butters,

8322109010 They called left a message I will be blocking the number after reading the comments - Thanks everyone

Post by Todd,

832-210-9010 Same garbage different day

Post by B,

8322109010 Its a phone scammer - I identified myself as a deputy of my county (which is true) and they hung up - I will be putting in a report for this number -

Post by Guest,

832-210-9010 Computer generated credit card offer

Post by Donotcallme,

8322109010 This number called me twice in less than a min - The st call rang once and dropped -  nd call was clearly someone from another country telling me how to lower my interest rates -  I asked what card he was talking about he said either a visa or master with balance of , or more - I said which card is he talking about specifically he said i had to cooperate with him and give him the info - I told him no card has ever called me and not identified which card they were referring to,  who they were and what the purpose of the call was - I told him he was suspicious and I was furious -  He hung up when I got loud with him -

Post by Jennifer,

832-210-9010 This number called me today from card services stating they will lower my interest rates something didn't feel right called my credit card Co cancelled that card

Post by Guest,

8322109010 Marked as other spam -

Post by Guest,

832-210-9010 Called wanting to lower credit card interest but when attempt to get information - Person hung up

Post by Guest,

8322109010 caller called, did not leave voice mail message -

Post by anon,

832-210-9010 number called friends and family asking about me saying I applied to a job and used my friend or family member as a reference for the job - - I have not applied to any job recently or used any of the people this number called as a reference for any job - - ever -

Post by David G,

8322109010 Heather from Card Services -

Post by OthO,

832-210-9010 The caller identification said Texas - I didn't answer and they didn't leave a message - I guess it wasn't that important -

Post by Guest,

8322109010 Spam loan call

Post by Guest,

832-210-9010 credit spam

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