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Recent Comments for 8322007775

Post by Ms. M,

8322007775 They identified themselves as an afiliate of a company that I have purchased something from -  When I told them that I don't buy anything from anyone and that I am on a Do Not Call List and I keep my number away from companies, the man on the other line was stumped for an answer and said, "Oh, I understand" then hung up -  Somebody is giving out my personal information to people and it is annoying -  I know I haven't given out info so I suspect that the person who was trying to sell me something via Carnival Cruiselines with percent off offer was not telling me the truth about how they got my number to begin with -

Post by Deborah,

832-200-7775 Called in the middle of the afternoon and caller Id stated Register Tapes - She asked for my partner and when I said he wasn't here she said she was with Card Services and will call back

Post by Concerned American,

8322007775 I just received a call from this number stating that they were informed from the credit bureau that I have enough debt to consolidate and have a lower interest rate -  I asked how she received my name and then she continued to ask if she had my name correct and then mentioned the last four numbers which she thought were the last four numbers of my social security number -  This is getting out of hand for people to know information about us -  The number on my caller ID said Register Tapes and the number was -- -  DO NOT GIVE OUT YOUR INFORMATION TO ANYONE ESPECIALLY SOMEONE THAT CALLS ON THE PHONE

Post by Melissa,

832-200-7775 Got a call from them, stating that I was inquiring for a debt consolidation - I said no, I did no such thing, and they started to swear at me and said they were gonna garnish my tax return - Get a real job, dumb [***] -I'm debt free -

Post by EJ,

8322007775 Scammers calling my house from this # & several other #'s - this one said Register Tapes on the caller ID - i called my local phone company who told me that my only solution is to change my phone #, which I have had for SEVENTEEN years - the local police are a joke too, also saying, 'change your #' - why are there laws regarding harrasment by telephone if no one will bother to uphold them? we have been on the do not call list for years & it means nothing really - there are no consequences for people who scam by telephone -

Post by donotcall,

832-200-7775 Received call today from this number at : pm EDT on my cell phone - Caller ID showed only the number and Huston, TX location - I did not answer as it looked suspicious -

Post by Sandymae,

8322007775 Got the call in the middle of the day - -No one responded when I answered -

Post by Laughing World,

832-200-7775 Same old story: called mid-day, I didn't answer, won't ever -

Post by Wayne,

8322007775 Received a call on --  it was a robo call as usual - What is the fcc and ftc doing about all of these scammers - Im getting so disgusted with all the phone calls both myself and my friend have severe migraines and these [***] call all hours of the day on my cell phone and home phone always looking for someone that doesnt live here -

Post by nb,

832-200-7775 Just got a call from the number and also showed Register Tapes on ID - They hung up when I answered -

Post by tennessee girl,

8322007775 I got a call from this number at : ET at my home -  She said they were Tennessee Top Roofers and they were going to be doing roof inspections in my neighborhood tomorrow (because of all the hail damage we have received lately) -  I asked her for her name and company name again and she started getting sketchy -  She told me the name of the company and then launched into why I needed my roof  inspected -  I asked again for her name and phone number and she started with and then the phone mysteriously was dropped -  When I called the number on my caller id, shown as Register Tapes, it said it was no longer in service -

Post by p bro,

832-200-7775 remember Obama is for more gov regulation that helps to prevent things like this -

Post by Faith,

8322007775 Got a call at work; ID said Register T; didn't answer and no message was left -

Post by dj,

832-200-7775 got a call from them today -  Last year alot of homes in the state had roof damage from hail storms -  They said they would be in the area doing free roof inspections -  I'm thinking Register Tapes is a boiler room type telemarketing company -  There are many warnings of scams out there for home repair, this is probably one -

Post by K,

8322007775 : at night - "Debt consolidation" asked them where they got my number - - Pause - They hung up - Dialed their number - - call can't be completed as dialed or disconnected msg - Violating do not call list -

Post by CC,

832-200-7775 AM Aug Caller ID --- Register T; No message leftCalled --- and got recording, "We're sorry, your call cannot be completed as dialed or the number has been disconnected - Please check the number and dial again -"According to www -serviceslisted -com they are listed as follows:Register Tapes Unlimited Inc North Freeway Suite Houston TX () -

Post by tom,

8322007775 Received call in middle of day - showed up as missed call on my phone - When I returned call, message was that the number was disconnected -

Post by pic,

832-200-7775 Received an automated call from "William" at : p -m - advising there was no problem with our credit cards but we should call back ASAP to have our rate dropped to %  Did not return call of course -

Post by p bro,

8322007775 remember Obama is for more gov regulation that helps to prevent things like this -

Post by necruzr98,

832-200-7775 Got a call today about : pm - caller ID said "Register Tapes" - they wanted to sell timeshare and when my husband said we weren't interested they hung up -  Did a search and found they are listed as Register Tapes Unlimited, North Freeway, Suite , Houston, TX -  Hope this not going to be the start of many unwanted calls -

Post by rstagrl,

8322007775 Got a call :pm on a Saturday-called ID said Register T -  I didn't answer they didn't leave a message -  I'm so sick of these scammers trying to pull something it's ridiculous

Post by CJ,

832-200-7775 Hung up when I answered - Called the number back an got a "disconnected or no longer in service" message -

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