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Recent Comments for 8185698428

Post by Zookeeper,

8185698428 I feel your pain  Are these telemarketers soulless or just desperate to make a buck?  Crooks, all - -

Post by Zookeeper,

818-569-8428 I feel your pain  Are these telemarketers soulless or just desperate to make a buck?  Crooks, all - -

Post by marlon61_2,

8185698428 My wife and I keep getting calls from people who supposedly want to sell us house renovations -  "Supposedly" because when I tell them I am in the middle of something and could I have their phone number to call them right back, they either hang up or make an excuse that they have to leave the office "right now" so it won't be possible to call them back -  Being suspicious I have googled a few of the phone numbers that show up on the caller ID and found posts, like this one, saying these people are scammers calling to see if anyone is home so that they can rob you -  We can't figure out why thieves would have a call center to figure out if you are home or not -  Do they have vans of thieves in the field to direct to your house?Anyway, I got a call from this number today, with the usual spiel that we spoke last year about remodeling (we didn't) and are we interested in remodeling now -  As usual I asked for a number to call back but didn't get one -  When I called back the Caller ID number, I got a number not in service message -

Post by Knavegrs,

818-569-8428 Getting the same thing -  Some boiler room operation

Post by Los Angeles,

8185698428 Same -  I also get calls from:--------------------------

Post by True Brit,

818-569-8428 Don't block them - Give them a phony name and tell them to have their Rep come see you at (pick a time) and then give them the street address of the local police precinct - Then block them -

Post by jetames,

8185698428 ***********CAUTION********SCAM********SCAM*********SCAM*********SCAM********Home improvement scam - -and yes, they change numbers often -  This is a spoofed number -Have blocked this number -I have the new Panasonic phone that blocks numbers - this number is on the blocked list -Buh Bye

Post by Joe,

818-569-8428 home repair scam from a spoofed number -criminals know your address just checking to see if you are home -please be armed,these are hard core criminals ready to hurt you -

Post by birdkeeper,

8185698428 I received a call from this number this morning and only answered it because it looked like a familiar local number -  When I answered the call my parrots and macaws in the adjoining room began screaming at the top of their little lungs and the caller hung up :-)

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