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Recent Comments for 8182083428

Post by go,

8182083428 Did not answer -

Post by pissedoffliketherestofya,

818-208-3428 If its a personal number - legally telemarketers and spam calls aren't allowed to solicit to Cell phones - ^_^ hope that helps guys

Post by Guest,

8182083428 crap

Post by ed,

818-208-3428 called them back and got this:  please press any digit to be removedso i didi am on the do not call list; these are scammers

Post by Guest,

8182083428 Blocked

Post by Guest,


Post by Guest,

8182083428 Spam -

Post by Guest,

818-208-3428 This number -- keeps calling my phone and hangs up

Post by Nikki,

8182083428 Everyday I get calls from this number, I never answer but they call religiously anyways, its so annoying

Post by Sherry,

818-208-3428 Called - Left pre-recorded message saying I had been pre-approved for a business loan -  Hahahaha - -

Post by Tony,

8182083428 Just got a call from them thank this site that I didn't answer

Post by Paige,

818-208-3428 So tired of these calls😡just another robocall - -maybe Verizon should be held accountable

Post by brenda,

8182083428 no one should and ans these nos

Post by Lilith G.,

818-208-3428 () - - Just a another new number invented by a scammer -

Post by Sam,

8182083428 Called, no message - I get about calls daily from stupid spam numbers, so if I don't recognize the number, I don't answer - I use my phone for personal and business, so it makes me mad that they're spamming me even when I'm not working -

Post by Guest,

818-208-3428 Probably some extremely fat slob too big to stuff him her-self thru the door frame (NO OFFENSE to those with REAL medical issues) whose only "job" he she can get is making harassment annoying calls from a rathole of a "home -" Must make him her feel like a "super power" while making veiled threats to strangers - OOO - -I'm shaking

Post by Brian,

8182083428 They call our business line and dont leave message

Post by Kim,

818-208-3428 I have added it to my blocked list of numbers - Here are a few more that are pretty much the same scam------

Post by Guest,

8182083428 Hang up and block -

Post by DNC list - YEAH, SURE.,

818-208-3428 Can't be a very successful operation if they hang up on everyone who answers - LOL

Post by I hate this,

8182083428 Since switching to Verizon I get about of these calls every month - It's my cell phone, but it's also a work phone - Each call starts the same way ", could be yours - -" or "your business has been selected to receive a , loan -" Sometimes I press and speak to the rep and yell at them to take me off the list - But it doesn't stop - I don't know what to do -

Post by Guest,

818-208-3428 i am on the do not call list,yet ,i keep getting calls like that - what can be done ,to stop them?

Post by Guest,


Post by Guest,

818-208-3428 Called and left no message

Post by Guest,

8182083428 Business loan

Post by Robert,

818-208-3428 These filthy scumbags call my cell phone several times a day, no answer Nigerian scumers

Post by Guest,

8182083428 Called and left no message -

Post by Cosmo Spacey,

818-208-3428 Block this number - -

Post by Nan,

8182083428 I received a call from the above phone number - There was nothing on the ID caller to tell me who was calling - I did not answer the call - They did not leave a message -  Spam call -

Post by Robert,

818-208-3428 These filthy scumbags call my cell phone several times a day, no answer Nigerian scumers

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