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Recent Comments for 8173814761

Post by Guest,

8173814761 You have been contacted for marketing research or a sales calls

Post by Dickenz,

817-381-4761 This is some buuuuuuuuulllshizzle, loosers call me all times of day and I just got a new number that aint even a week old - - I reported them to the FCC online

Post by ph,

8173814761 They call a lot and never leave a message -  I googled the number and found other people report it is a promotion for various radio stations where they want you to listen at work - How can you get any work done when they keep calling you all day?

Post by Guest,

817-381-4761 Called this # back - Recording "you have been contacted for marketing research or a sales call" then it hangs up - Says out Reno, Tx - Spammers -

Post by Guest,

8173814761 Said they were with some radio station and could double my paycheck or something - Asked for my name, etc - I just hung up - He was using a GoogleVoice phone number - I know this because I have one too and mine shows Reno, TX as well with the same prefix -

Post by Guest,

817-381-4761 Spam

Post by Guest,

8173814761 Keeps callin idk I don't answer

Post by Laura,

817-381-4761 I called this number back it to see who this is as they keep calling and never leave a message - I get a recording that says-you are being contacted for a marketing or sales call and keeps repeating that phrase

Post by Guest,

8173814761 Calling from multiple numbers as Jack FM -FM, asking for name+ info so that they can pay your electric bill - -??

Post by miss peggy,

817-381-4761 I have had or calls from these nuts between :am and :pm today on my cell phone and I am fed up -  I do not intend to pay service for some----goon to make me furious -

Post by Mike,

8173814761 Been receiving a call once a day for days - No messages are left - I'm about ready to add it to my "Spam" contact -

Post by Guest,

817-381-4761 Same thing, - FM listining contest - called -- :am

Post by Guest,

8173814761 Spam

Post by Guest,

817-381-4761 My step daughter registered me for a contest at a local Dallas (KISS FM) radio station - She used my cell number - On Tues of this week, I started getting calls from other Dallas Radio station marketing departments - I've gotten calls from three different radio station telemarketers this week - Conclusion, KISS FM sold my number to telemarketers - I don't even listen to local radio - Sigh

Post by Guest,

8173814761 Called and said they were from - Lite FM and wanted my name so they could register me for their double your paycheck contest they have going on right now -

Post by Guest,

817-381-4761 Well did you register?

Post by Guest,

8173814761 Keeps callin idk I don't answer

Post by srednal,

817-381-4761 unavailable, i answer hello -   (space)  after several seconds "hell o" -  i stay on the line with 'hell o" for minutes in which  "hell o"   "hell o" "hell o" -  then finally "hell o" hangs up and disconnects -  several minutes later "hell o" calls back  and listens to voice mail answer -  then hangs up -   what fun for both of us,  more later i'm sure

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