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Recent Comments for 8168924079

Post by Guest,

8168924079 Spam

Post by KGraff,

816-892-4079 Education opportunity -sent to spam

Post by Guest,

8168924079 I have recieved two calls from this number today - The only thing I did before was i tried to get information on forclosure homes for sale in my area - The website never worked -

Post by Guest,

816-892-4079 I received calls today, but they do not say anything, and then hang up as soon as I answer -

Post by Chloe,

8168924079 This number called me at : in the morning, and I woke up at and called them back- no answer - I've called them several times, but no answer - Then they called me at noon just now and I answered it, but they hung up - I haven't signed up for anything, so I don't know why they are calling me and I would really like them to stop -

Post by Guest,

816-892-4079 ive only gotten one call from them

Post by Guest,

8168924079 Education Direction

Post by tml,

816-892-4079 I do believe it is linked to the jobs -com website, I just filled out an app online for a job and now this number is calling my phone i guess we should just go back to the old way with paper applications - but what happens is they call like different people( it is automated) and when the first person answers the other lines go dead thats why when you you say hello no one answers - my friend worked in telemarketing and said thats what they do - so just a bit of info today for everyone -Have a good day

Post by Guest,

8168924079 Education Experts

Post by Guest,

816-892-4079 that keeps happening to me its either this or someone saying i requested education crap

Post by Guest,

8168924079 they called one time and said nothing

Post by JeffreyLehr,

816-892-4079 I started to respond to a pop up offering me a gift card to a reputable department store - Cancelled halfway in to it, but still entered my phone number - Got the call probably minutes after - I did not answer and no message was left - I should know better -

Post by Guest,

8168924079 I m wondering why they dont answer i just blocked them out same i apply for Aaa Auto insurance job or so i thought - There a reason behind it im wondering what it is or or they trying to steal something your personal ident -or try to hack in your bank or phone or something like that -

Post by Bobbi Martinez,

816-892-4079 somebody keeps calling from this number and then hanging up - I do not know who it is - I want the calls to stop - They are very disruptive -

Post by Guest,

8168924079 They've called numerous times and asked for jared anderson -I told them everytime to not call again -Never heard of Jared Anderson

Post by Guest,

816-892-4079 they will not stop calling me and when i try to call back the line is busy

Post by Guest,

8168924079 education recurring

Post by Debbie,

816-892-4079 received calls from this number on my cell, about in one day -  Did not pick up, un-recoginized number

Post by Guest,

8168924079 got a missed call from this number and when i tried to call it back nothing happened - i believe its from jobs - com

Post by Guest,

816-892-4079 education expert - you apply for a job and that job site sells your number i believe its jobs -com

Post by Todd,

8168924079 They keep calling me and hanging up -

Post by Sheila Wiley,

816-892-4079 Three call from number above received on Friday, April , at : am, : am and : pm -

Post by Guest,

8168924079 Spam about free items

Post by Guest,

816-892-4079 Idk

Post by Guest,

8168924079 Bothering me

Post by Guest,

816-892-4079 this number has called times

Post by felicia,

8168924079 don't want any calls from this number at all

Post by Guest,

816-892-4079 About advertising and education

Post by Guest,

8168924079 Phone just rang and I answered and then the call just ended -

Post by Douglas,

816-892-4079 I signed up for un-employment yesterday and accidently 'signed up' for this, I suppose -  They called me at :pm yesterday and I told them I was not interested -  They have called times again today -

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