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Post by Guest,

8168753077 business loans

Post by pancho,

816-875-3077 hijos [***] tienen [***] en el cerebro -- hijo del lechero

Post by Michigander,

8168753077 Robo Call - said our business is pre-approved -  They also said they got our business name from a governmental list -  Do any of you think the list from the government just might be the do-not-call list?  ANOTHER annoying scumbag with nothing better to do - getting paid by us working folks so they can scam the gov't and hang out bothering people all day -  GGGGEEEEZZZZZ  Get a life with some substance LOLYou really need a SCAMMER option on call type

Post by Guest,

816-875-3077 they called but didn't say anything and hung up

Post by Guest,

8168753077 business loans

Post by I H8em 2,

816-875-3077 Wow, I can't believe that it took them this long to call - our office is usually first on the SCAM list since we have had the same business number for over years -They called at :am - we log all fraudulent calls here on Notes - maybe someday our lame-brain congress will legislate against these b-astards and we citizens might some relief from all this madnessI blocked the call while the phone was ringing - didn't even bother answer or to let the call go to VM -Their future calls are now blocked - in fact, I have BLOCKED THE ENTIRE AREA CODEEveryone, please buy a call blocking phone or blocking device - they work and they are inexpensive -

Post by guido,

8168753077 'Wink Martindale'  wants to loan me money STOP CALLING ME

Post by George,

816-875-3077 st time got call from this number but no message was left -

Post by Guest,

8168753077 Wink recording making a pitch for some crap

Post by annony,

816-875-3077 thanks to a quick internet search b answering the fone, i knew it was just a spam call

Post by Guest,

8168753077 Robocall for business loans

Post by Guest,

816-875-3077 Wink Martindale offering loans to small businesses - robo call I hung up

Post by Beth Colley,

8168753077 Pre-recorded, unsolicited message from "Wink Martindale" promising loans - Directed me to press a number for information on loans or press "" to be removed from the list -

Post by Nobody special,

816-875-3077 Hope it worked, because all you did was added yourself to a LIVE list - They may not call you back, but they can sell your number to other marketing company's - If everyone would just NOT answer the phone -

Post by Guest,

8168753077 Recording offering business owners a loan

Post by Michelle Dana,

816-875-3077 Calls and calls

Post by Guest,

8168753077 wink martindale talking to business owners

Post by Chevex,

816-875-3077 My god some people are so dim -

Post by pr,

8168753077 What a great idea - Loved it -

Post by Guest,

816-875-3077 This is a legitimate number for ADT in Lees Summit, MO - Caller is spoofing for telemarketing

Post by I H8em 2,

8168753077 You may be making a big mistake here -  This number is, most likely, not the actual number from ADT but the real scumbag who calls you simply picked ADT's number out of the phone book and SPOOFS it (changes their outgoing number information) to ADT's number so that when you call that number you will harass ADT and not the real caller -Don't waste your time with this -  Get a Call Blocker from www -digitone -com and then you can block all numbers from any area code -  I've got one and my business line now only rings with calls from actual customers -

Post by Annoyed,

816-875-3077 Thanks for the info everyone - Now blocked -

Post by ricrbrown,

8168753077 this is a loan shark company -- forwarded to attorney general

Post by Guest,

816-875-3077 Spam - Don't pick up -

Post by TUFFY,


Post by Guest,

816-875-3077 spam

Post by Guest,

8168753077 spam

Post by Guest,

816-875-3077 spammm

Post by Guest,

8168753077 It's from a gay group, they're seeking funds to provide condoms to inmates in an all male prison -

Post by Guest,

816-875-3077 Repeated calls - Upon answering there is no one there - Even after waiting for - minutes, no one speaks -

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