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Recent Comments for 8168360538

Post by Ed Powell,

8168360538 This is Officer Ed Powell from the Cleveland Police Department and I writing this from the police department - We just had, several phone calls FROM THIS NUMBER, ok? And the individual had, uh, were leaving le-lewd and lascivious phone convers- he was saying how he wanted to have sex with the officers and he also had, uh, other things - he was threatening the officers - That's why were were able to contact this number and to call this individual back - They don't realize, just like I said before, that this conversation is being recorded -

Post by Joe,

816-836-0538 STOP CALLING

Post by ErikM,

8168360538 Some guy keeps calling form this number and threats to shoot me with a AK - He thinks I live in Kansas or Sugar Creak - I reported him to the police hopefully he stops the calls -

Post by Josh Bales,

816-836-0538 Why don't you go get your high, get your fix, and quit calling here -

Post by Guest,

8168360538 Some hoosier named Frank Garrett keeps calling and waking me up when I have to go to work -

Post by Guest,

816-836-0538 He threatened to kill me with an AR- and come to my house -

Post by Mike Munrow,

8168360538 Frank Garrett Keeps calling making rude comments about my dead mother and worms - He keeps telling me he is the Chief of Police of Oklahoma City -

Post by It's Rick,

816-836-0538 I didn't call you, you motherf**er get your f***ing figures straight -

Post by Rick Moore,

8168360538 You've called here a dozen times -

Post by Guest,

816-836-0538 Threatening phone calls claims they are going to come kill us all

Post by Fred,

8168360538 Wow

Post by Fred,

816-836-0538 Wow

Post by Guest,

8168360538 He threatened to kill me with an AR- and come to my house -

Post by Frank Garrett,

816-836-0538 Nbody has called your house, I've been sittin here on the [***] T -V and Computer and you call here unavailable with your number blocked -

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