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Recent Comments for 8166591154

Post by puzzled,

8166591154 received call and they left a message, that was a VERY LOUD song, following by someone screaming a name that could not be understood -  appears to be harrassement -

Post by Guest,

816-659-1154 harassment

Post by Guest,

8166591154 Calls numerous times a day and never leaves a message - I've tried googling it and came across one result that suggests its a collection agency - Normally they're required to send a letter before hitting you up with a phone call - Not this one Haven't received any mail from them, just harassing phone calls - Gee, love having bottom feeders like this tying up my phone -

Post by Jewel,

816-659-1154 They called me too -  Finally argued with them enough, and they told me they were on contract with my college to collect unpaid tuition -  Bill in dispute (as financial aid already covered it) -  I told the rep that and they finally started to talk to me -  I got their contact information and they scheduled a "follow up" weeks out -  They did follow up and were legit - -and they stopped calling once the dispute was settled with the school and they marked the file as paid -

Post by kennylee,

8166591154 same here they call times a day with no message -im not gunna answer

Post by Guest,

816-659-1154 Call

Post by mm,

8166591154 They call - times a day, and ask for a person that doesn't live here exist - Name is similar to my husband's but not his name - VERY RUDE - Very sketchy - VERY, VERY ANNOYING -

Post by tim,

816-659-1154 A woman called claiming to be from CBE Group doing a collection for Allen Hospital trying to collect on a bill that my insurance company and I have no record of - Sounds like fraud - I also didn't appreciate being called by an auto-dialer that put me on hold to wait for a real person -

Post by Guest,

8166591154 Constantly calling, never leaving a message - I answered once and told them it was the wrong number - the calls continue -

Post by will,

816-659-1154 Calls and leaves no message -When i answer they hang up -shows as a verizon cell number -If I call it back nothing -

Post by Heather,

8166591154 I do have a medical bill in collections with them and I had previously set up a payment schedule with the hospital and was paying on that and they sent me to collections - -anyway - -these people BLOW up my phone and are awful and rude - If you are defensive on the phone you make the people you are calling defensive dummy I do not make a habit of giving out my personal information to people I do not know and that will not ID themselves - -I did receive a bill from them and have sent payment we will see if the calls stop,

Post by JMC,

816-659-1154 calls in the past two days -  I didnt answer and they didnt leave a message -  No debt so its got to be a scam -  I just added them to my blocked calls list on my cell phone -  )

Post by Guest,

8166591154 Bill collector for someone else :(

Post by LeeR,

816-659-1154 The Fair Debt Collection Act states that a collector CANNOT CALL BEFORE :am YOUR TIME or AFTER :pm YOUR TIME - You need to report this to the FTC (Fair Trade Commission) - Good luck

Post by kennylee,

8166591154 same here they call times a day with no message -im not gunna answer

Post by KW,

816-659-1154 Calls times or more a day, never leave a message, I call back and they hang up or an aswering service asks me to hold for the CBE group

Post by Nana,

8166591154 We don't owe anybody any outstanding debts - never have - I don't answer the calls - Number Guru says it is a mobile number - That in itself is shady - Past calls have said "The CBE GRP -" Today's said "Missouri -"

Post by LeeR,

816-659-1154 Or you could be a smart @ and save them to your phone as "DO NOT ANSWER" & hang up on them every time they call - -that oughta get pretty annoying for them

Post by Guest,

8166591154 Number keeps calling and no one is on the other end

Post by MeAgain,

816-659-1154 ok i figured out that if CBE is calling you, you have either had a unpaid debt of yours sent to collections or, as in my case, they think you are someone else who owes money to some company -  i called them back and we figured out why they thought i owed money, turns out it was a horrible old friend who gave my number as his number -  he said he took me off the list, we'll see

Post by Antonio,

8166591154 Can't FTC put these guys out of business? They need to be stopped

Post by Fed Up,

816-659-1154 This is the CBE Group -  No matter what anyone says they are ruthless, liars, strong arm style bill collectors - -even if the bill is not legitimate  They break the law in fair credit and bill collection practices but its very hard to go after them for it -  You will not receive a message from them and they will call times a day if not more -  Know your states law on collection practices and keep track of the harassment by phone, if you can afford an attorney seek advise but again its nearly impossible to prosecute these people -  Good luckHere are some of the numbers they call from on a consistent basis:------

Post by Michelle,

8166591154 I believe its CBE group - They had been calling from a number and now this number - - the "bill" is in dispute - I told them to remove my number, they won't - They keep calling - auto dialer, so you pick up and have to wait, um no - - pick up, hang up - Buh-bye - -

Post by Mocha,

816-659-1154 This number >>>-- just called and I did not answer because I did not recognize it - I looked it up on line and came across this site to learn that it is a scam - I set my phone where as when this particular number calls, it'll go directly to voicemail -

Post by tucker,

8166591154 Every time i answer they hang up

Post by Guest,

816-659-1154 like another, I was getting calls from -- now getting calls from this one -won't leave a message -

Post by Guest,

8166591154 fake debt collectors

Post by Chantelle,

816-659-1154 CBE has called me times today, i have previously spoke to them about the debt they say I owe - - Get this whole foods called cause I needed a juice, my blood sugar was low, i am for some reason responsible for the ambulance being called out when I told them I just needed juice So I have a bill I am certaintly not paying - And i told the lady this when she called last week, someone please tell me why she keeps calling

Post by TulsaRob,

8166591154 This person is a SCAMMER on Zorpia - They tried to sucker me too - The SCAMMERS on Zorpia and all the social dating sites are becoming more sophisticated - Once they get your phone number, look out Always demand using skype to skype, yahoo or google - Learn how to read and understand how to check out e-mail headers too - (E-mail headers can be faked, but it doesn't appear that most SCAMMERS know how to do it or bother to waste the time doing it -)

Post by Elizabeth Arden,

816-659-1154 I just got a call from -- - The woman wanted me to verify my address but when I asked who this was, she said it was a personal matter - I told her I wasn't giving out my personal information to someone on the phone that I didn't know - Then she said she would call again later and hung up - I don't have any debts - I did previously but it was resolved with the business to whom it was for - I talked with someone who called about a month ago but they still insist on calling me -

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