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Recent Comments for 8102353659

Post by Guest,

8102353659 Automated voice saying I won a prize -

Post by Guest,

810-235-3659 I dont answer out of town numbers

Post by Guest,

8102353659 Don't know

Post by Teresa,

810-235-3659 I answered a call from this number on my cell phone -  As soon as I heard the recording click on, I heard something about a home security system and hung up - -  Yes, I, too, am on the no call lists -  I also get many text messages on my cell phone that are solicitors - - - very aggravating

Post by Diane Thomas,

8102353659 I recv'd a call from this number today at : pm -  I have received other calls from this number in the past -  This time I answered & it was from someone that said my family & me had just won a security system - I disconnected the call -Have no use for one because I already have one -

Post by Guest,

810-235-3659 Automated call - Didn't recognize number so I sent it to VM -

Post by pretty fed up,

8102353659 just got the same call - will report them to the FCC - that seems to help - i am on do-not-call, and kept getting calls from the same company (scam) - every time they phoned i reported them to the FCC and finally the calls have stopped will do it with this number - takes a few minutes, but you can do it online -

Post by Diane,

810-235-3659 I got that call on my work cell, which is on the Do Not Call registry -  It was the "home security system" thing -  I hit to be connected and spoke to an almost offensively cheery young woman -  She promised to remove the number from their system -  We'll see -

Post by Pamela Scoville,

8102353659 I received several calls yesterday and today, anonymous, answered one, dead air -  Also received a call from - yesterday, said hello, male voice said 'sorry', disconnected -  Please let me know what this is about and what I can do to stop this -

Post by Tim near Seattle,

810-235-3659 This is the second time I've gotten a call from this number to my work cell phone -I'm sure they are just using an auto dialer that sequences through phone numbers - It doesn't take much programming to do this - They are nothing more than cell phone spammers in my opinion -

Post by Sabrina,

8102353659 On my cell yesterday; I answered, computer call about "home security system - Press one to speak to a representative", which I did - Told "Keith" I was on the no-call-list and to remove the number - "If you would give me your number, beginning with the area code";  I told him "you called me" -Even if it started as a computer call, I don't believe they don't know what number was dialed -

Post by Guest,

810-235-3659 Won a free home alarm

Post by Guest,

8102353659 Unwanted Sales call

Post by annoyed,

810-235-3659 I got the same thing @ : -  I don't think it was automated, I said excse me and it disconnected - - -

Post by Toni,

8102353659 Message I got was recording advertising home security systems -  Press to be connected to an agent, press to be removed from the calling list -  I pressed and was immediately disconnected -   I don't think this is the real number that this call originated from since calling it back, I got a number no longer in service message -

Post by Got it,

810-235-3659 You can tell it's a debt colection agency as if you try to call the # back, it tells you this # has been disconnected or is no longer in service -  If a company were really trying to offer or sell something, they would allow for call backs as having a message stating this # has been disconnected would be bad for business -  Debt collection agency, answer the call, do not give them ANY of your information but please have fun with these people and harass them and ask who they are, what company they are calling from, ask to speak to a manger as you want to press harassment charges and your going to report them -  Have a great day all -

Post by Guest,

8102353659 Number was no longer in service when I called the number minutes later

Post by dailydoze,

810-235-3659 I also got a call today from this number on my cell and I also NEVER answer when I don't recognize a number or if it says private or something -  If it's someone I know who is trying to connect and it is important enough they will leave a message I imagine -  I would never just call back a number if they left no voice message either - -people have done that to me when I call and don't leave a message and that annoys me all to hell - -if I wanted them to call back then I would leave a message -

Post by Swordfish,

8102353659 All they said was "I'm sorry" and hung up -

Post by Kristin,

810-235-3659 Wow - -thanks so much for getting to the bottom of this,  I appreciate it

Post by Guest,

8102353659 Some kind of recording about a vague free offer -

Post by Guest,

810-235-3659 Credit stuff

Post by Ed,

8102353659 Got it -just an I'm sorry, and a hang up - Came in on my trac phone cell-to hell with ALL telemarketers

Post by Ticked off,

810-235-3659 Congrats you and your family are intitled to this Home Security system for X more then it would cost if you bought it locally -  What a SCAM and the FCC does NOTHING about it -  This call went to my cell phone -  Supposed to be against the law - -yeah right -

Post by Guest,

8102353659 Called me saying my family had been selected for something - I'm single - -

Post by Guest,

810-235-3659 Home security givaway recording

Post by Guest,

8102353659 Some recording

Post by Guest,

810-235-3659 Telemarketing

Post by N,

8102353659 do not call

Post by Guest,

810-235-3659 Been selected to receive an alarm system -

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