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Recent Comments for 8082981048

Post by monir,

8082981048 i  want to know who is  this

Post by Anna,

808-298-1048 wireless call unwanted call

Post by anna,

8082981048 They even harass businesses - That means they are violating FCC laws and they have teeth - It's called COMMERCE INTERFERENCE, penalty minimums involve serious Federal prison time, and if I am not mistaken, it gets reported to HOMELAND SECURITY - since interference of US Commerces I THINK now falls under those new ANTI-terrorism laws -

Post by ren,

808-298-1048 oh dear same here

Post by GOING TO CALL FBI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!,

8082981048 this # needs to stop calling me it pissing me off and if they call one more time im going to the FBI

Post by do not call anymore,

808-298-1048 calls all the time -will not talk to recorder and never leaves a message

Post by a,

8082981048 File online complaints:Canada   https: www -lnnte-dncl -gc -ca plt-cmp-engUS   https: www -donotcall -gov complaint complaintcheck -aspx

Post by Je,

808-298-1048 Got call on my cell from this number once a week, never left a message -

Post by Je,

8082981048 Got call on my cell from this number once a week, never left a message -

Post by Frustrated,

808-298-1048 Why do I keep getting calls from this number? I've called it back and it doesn't go to anything - - says it's an invalid number -

Post by windsword,

8082981048 called and hung up called back got "the number or code you dialed is incorrect"

Post by Sarah,

808-298-1048 Automated call claimed was for me to reorder diabetic supplies -  I clicked through to the sales person to let them know the person who ordered this service didn't really get their call and I got hung up on -  I'm guessing it's not a legitimate service at all -

Post by wtf,

8082981048 this number has called me times in a hours timespan - this is pissing me off -

Post by Legal Secretary,

808-298-1048 I got a call from - today; it was a man advising me that this was my annual reminder call to order my insulin and diabetes-related supplies, and to reorder, press one, to remove my phone number from the annual reminder, press three; so of course, I pressed three, and was merely immediately disconnected -  I am not a diabetic and have never ordered any such products

Post by Peeko,

8082981048 I recognized the area code and prefix so I answered but didn't say anything -  The recording must be voice-activated because all I heard was static for about seconds then it hung up -The same diabetes scam has called us on these numbers as well: - - - -The "operator" recording that comes on when you call the number back seems VERY fake -

Post by Belle,

808-298-1048 It almost sounds like I real person on the line - -I was fooled once again, to say I am not interested - -but the call kept going on, so figured it was a pre-recorded automatic caller - The automated caller said he was Jamie and knew that I or someone I knew was diabetic - He wanted to offer reduced cost on medical supplies - That is when I hung upThe calls come through about once or twice a week at my office - Maybe more, if I miss the call and it goes into auto attendant -

Post by ren,

8082981048 oh dear same here

Post by DDH,

808-298-1048 -- keeps calling in the morning - no message -  How can this be stopped -  With people reporting these numbers, who is enforcing the shut off of them?

Post by lgm,

8082981048 unwanted call on my cell phone -  I don't answer numbers -  No message left

Post by JR,

808-298-1048 Caller was on the line, but would not say anything - I have recieved other numbers -

Post by speedie,

8082981048 I, too, have been getting calls from this phone number, and have been getting them for months, and I've also gotten the message that the number or code is incorrect when I've tried to call back -  They never leave a message, and if I answer the phone, they hang up immediately -  What can be done about this?

Post by aellis26,

808-298-1048 I get calls from this number at least times a day Very annoying

Post by sumdumguy,

8082981048 These idiots called here and I didn't leave a message - I don't think it's the first time either - I am wondering why Hawaii is calling here - According to a search at www -thedirectory -org pref , it's WAILUKU, HI - According to a search at www -fonefinder -net it's Honolulu HI - Either way, WTF??

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