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Recent Comments for 8043258539

Post by Teri,

8043258539 If this is indeed the Democratic Party calling people at all hours, then we all should repay them with a nice vote for what Republican Candidate is running in your area, or, all have our land- lines removed from service and maybe the telephone companies will get the message, " We aren't going to take it anymore"

Post by JohnK,

804-325-8539 Being on the DNC list does not prevent these calls - Charities and political parties are exempt (I think survey takers are as well, not sure though) - The only way to stop them is to set up with your phone provider to block calls from that number -

Post by JIM,

8043258539 I recievd a call from this number tonite -  I was not home -  My phone indicated a voice message but there was no message left -

Post by Bonnie,

804-325-8539 They ask if I was Andrew when I said no they said Thank You and hung up -it was from  -- and showed on called ID from Virginia -

Post by jm,

8043258539 I have blocked this number from my phone,but still they call - I think they should be stopped at all costs - Harrasment is against the law - There are sick people in my house - I would like to sue the scum

Post by PLuG,

804-325-8539 Did not answer and no msg left -  If this was from the Democratic political party, it looks like this is going to be a very long election year () - -  Oh, dear - -

Post by Mary,

8043258539 I received three calls from this number - They hung up on my voice twice and the third time spoke with my husband asking for me - name Joyce -It is crazy I tried to call back and it says non receiving number -

Post by no name,

804-325-8539 Call from everyday at least four times a day - When I redial the number "this is not a recognizable number"  This is annoying and I heard breathing on the end of the phone and advised who ever it is I will report to this number to the police -

Post by Tom,

8043258539 Keep call to my home

Post by Claudia,

804-325-8539 Non-ending calls all day and into the night -  Is there anything one can do??

Post by JohnK,

8043258539 Being on the DNC list does not prevent these calls - Charities and political parties are exempt (I think survey takers are as well, not sure though) - The only way to stop them is to set up with your phone provider to block calls from that number -

Post by Larry,

804-325-8539 Has called every day this week so I added the number to my call blocker yesterday Thursday) -   Sure enough, they called again this morning  but it was killed by my call blocker which also stops the ringer from operating - (silence is golden)   I only know a call came in since my call blocker unit displays and records the incoming phone number and caller ID -  I can tell that some callers are getting crazy and are spoofing not only numbers but names etc -  Some display only the text "Out of area" with no number displayed -

Post by Tom,

8043258539 They are calling on behalf of the DNC or are paid by the DNC - They are only looking to speak with women voters and will hang up on you if you are male - They are using some type of call blocking to avoid incoming calls thus the message "This is not a recognizable number" -

Post by Me,

804-325-8539 Have received four calls from them in the last hours -  My answering machine takes the call rather than I -   They do not bother to leave a message; just hang up when my machine answers -  I am on the Do Not Call list -  However, charities are excluded from that list, and also maybe political parties?  Maybe it is the latter that are being so persistent at this time of the year -  Very aggravating -  Fortunate that I have Caller ID, so I know not to bother to answer -

Post by Ed,

8043258539 They call almost times every day - It has been going on for about a week now - This is crazy - I have them blocked so the phone only rings time and gives busy signal (Panasonic phone) - It should be illegal to call anyone that often -

Post by T Pettus,

804-325-8539 I have received calls from this number numerous times -  They have called as early as am to as late as : -  I have asked them to please not call again but yet they still continue -

Post by Em,

8043258539 I've received four calls from this number tonight -  The first caller said they were conducting a political survey -  I answered their questions about the presidential campaign -  They have called back three more times -  Twice they hung up on me when I answered and one of the other times I got a live person -  I told them to stop calling me -  The last call was after pm, which I think is unacceptable for random surveys or phone solicitations -  It wakes up kids who are sleeping -

Post by Joe,

804-325-8539 Do not pick-up your telephone, there are some crazy people in this world -  Harrasment is against the law -

Post by pat1425,

8043258539 The evil Virginia Democrats are harassing and threatening voters -Virginia voters must complain to the State Board of Elections:  www -sbe -virginia -govThe State Board of Elections is corrupt: SBE is selling voter information to the Democratic Party -

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