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Recent Comments for 8003711321

Post by unknown,

8003711321 I received a call from this number last night and they said it was an "important call" and to call Pat Phillips back preferably by PM -When I called back, they answered the phone:  "Business Office", obviously in my opinion not wanting THEIR identity known -I went to this site:  www -timezonesforpcs -com phonelookup -html and punched this number in and the screen says:  "Please Call --"So, I googled that number and got this:   - - search?qcache:wAbdPkBo - - clnk&cd&glusI called the number blocking by phone number and the system won't accept calls from callers that come in using unknown identity -The implication from the above link is that this might be an attorney's office????

Post by kansas boy,

800-371-1321 i've been getting messages from this number - same as most of the others here - i thought it may be about a medical bill, but then i realized they are asking for me by a nickname that wouldnt have been on any official or medical papers ever -

Post by linda,

8003711321 got a phone call at my work -they have my cell phone number -they can call me on it -we are a not able to take phone calls at work -I dont want them calling me at my work place -

Post by pupysmom,

800-371-1321 I just got this call on my cellphone, which is a number I do not give out to strangers  This one said her name was Shelly Hilton and the message was the same as others -  -  call before pm tomorrow about an important business matter -  I don't know much, but I do know that I've been making payments to Missouri Medical for a couple of years and they send me monthly statements and when they call me, once or twice a year, the caller id says Missouri Medical -  Could be one hand doesn't know what the other is doing, but I'm not returning this call

Post by platinum1,

8003711321 I received a call from Tammy Glass this morning, saying to call the number back by - and after reading all of your stories, I won't be calling them back -

Post by Veronica,

800-371-1321 I got my first "unknown" call this morning from a "Sue Smith" who informed me in a rude manner that I was to call her back by pm tonight - I told her I was working and couldnt talk at the moment but she did say she was with MMC Managment Consulting so I tried looking them up on the internet - - nothing I tried looking them up with the Better Business Bur - - nothing again She also wouldnt tell me what it was about just that I should call her by Or else what???? I'm a single mom and I make a monthly payment on everyone one of my medical bills If thats not enough I dont know what else to tell them I'm doing they very best I can

Post by Lynette,

8003711321 I recieved a phone call from this number stating it was important to call back by the th before : pm and to speak to Sue Smith -  It sounded more like a prank phone call by the tone of the voice, but could of been a bill collector -  I will not answer a call if I don't know who it is -  Guess they had better state why they're calling next time

Post by sharon,

800-371-1321 I also got a call from this number, but it showed on my phone as being restricted -  The message said I was to call "Michelle Matthews" back as soon as possible by pm -

Post by nickid,

8003711321 I received a call at my job today from Tammy Glass -  She informed me of medical bills totaling over from  YES, I said -  Told me that if I did not pay them in full I would be sued and then garnished -  I asked her to send me statements and she said "what you dont believe me", I told her you are asking for a lot of money so yes I want proof -  I also told her not to call me at work -  She was a real hag that is for sure -

Post by Cari,

800-371-1321 A co-worker of mine took a call from this number, and the caller just asked that I return her call (her name was Sue, and I'm gathering from the other comments it was most likely Sue Smith - -original name, huh?) -  It's bad enough when these people call you relentlessly at home, but what can I do about them calling me at work?

Post by rosemary johnson,

8003711321 a robot called and said to please stay on the line we will be with you shortly then a woman came on and asked for me,she obviously didn't realize the answering machine had answered,she said hello hello and was pressing keys then hung up -

Post by linda,

800-371-1321 They called my husband today,asking for me, and wouldn't tell him who they were or why they wanted to talk to me -  I do have a small outstanding medical bill, and thanks to reading all of your comments, I won't be returning "Sue's" call -Thank you

Post by missouri gal,

8003711321 Got a number at my place of employment, nickname used to ask for me, no message just this # and a name,Trisha?  If it's important enough to contact me at work should be important enough to state the reason and or company you're calling from

Post by Kelly,

800-371-1321 I got a phone call from this number labeled as restricted, but the message sounded important so I called them back - They refused to give any information about who they were unless I gave them my personal information - Calling them back seems like a frustrating, waste of time, unless you're willing to give random people all your information

Post by Kay,

8003711321 That named person works for a collection agency, and tells false information to you - Also gets very demanding and hateful -

Post by Sally,

800-371-1321 Have had several "call " it is important - This number is not listed in the yellow pages or the white pages or on any business reverse look-up, which makes me think they are not a legit business - I have never had a business call from someone that refused to identify what company is calling - If I did business with them they would e-mail me because I give every business my preferred method of contact - Don't answer their private number calls because it is illegal to represent a business without identifying yourself - My insurance and cell-phone companies and all others always leave a message with identification - This is a scam -

Post by vic,

8003711321 If you are going to ask me to call, you better have a better attitude and say who you are with

Post by rb,

800-371-1321 A Person named Tammy Glass called my Pastor, on a holiday weekend for crying out loud asking for me, and I dont even live there~ Very rude - -especially on a holiday and my Pastor refused to give her my number -

Post by Father,

8003711321 Just got the call myself,except it was for my daughter -  She said her name was Tammy Glass -  My daughter does not live with me,We are just a message phone -  So i think i will keep this call to myself and you decent folk -

Post by Jim,

800-371-1321 Also got a call saying it's important I call "Sherry Collins" at ---, and another with the "Call back by " message - I'll try them sometime tomorrow and update here if I find anything out -

Post by Star,

8003711321 These people have also been harrassing me as well - My husband and I had some problems with our insurance and a Bill went to collection - We spoke with the Hosp and they even said it was sent to Collection too soon - - anyhow - -These people have been calling me every week at work even though I've told them to call me on my cellphone or on my house phone they still call me at work -When I return their phone calls they are rude - I got one lady who was so rude to me I got rude right back at her - I was (And am) willing to pay dollars every month on my collection bill but I needed to talk to my husband about it the night I called and this lady went on to tell me I HAD to set up a payment plan NOW That I couldn't wait one day to call them back - I ended up getting into it over the phone with this lady and she finally got fed up with me and said something like "I'm not going to fight with you"  Wow thanks dumb---What I don't get with some of you Debt Collectors is you don't give people a chance to explain anything I know you have a job to do but you have no idea what you do to people -

Post by payyourbills2,

800-371-1321 Why you made the dept deal with it - They need there money too

Post by Kay,

8003711321 That named person works for a collection agency, and tells false information to you - Also gets very demanding and hateful -

Post by wowman71,

800-371-1321 its  a company   that does collections  for many companys

Post by horsebite,

8003711321 had a phone call today for someone else that had the same last name as me but not a member in my household -  Came up on the callerID as private on the message said it was urgent to call back gave the & her name was Sherry Collins -  How can the just go thru a phone book & pick numbers & ask for someone


800-371-1321 This link will take you to the US Government's website about your rights when dealing with those trying to collect a debt - -www -ftc -gov bcp edu pubs consumer credit cre -shtm Know your rights, and stop the harassmentThe number belongs to Missouri Medical Collections at the following address: South Fairview AvenueSpringfield, MO -() -The business is listed with the Better Business Bureau but is NOT accredited with them -Additional information about MMC (found on the BBB website):Name:     Missouri Medical CollectionsPhone:     () -Fax:     () -Address:      S Fairview Ave    Springfield, MO -Original Business Start Date:     August Local Start Date:                     January Principal:                                     Wayne Decker, PresidentCustomer Contact:                     Wayne Decker, President - () -Entity:                                     Limited Liability CorporationEmployees:                             Type of Business:                     Collection AgenciesBBB Accreditation:                     Missouri Medical Collections is not a BBB Accredited business -Additional DBA Names:            Hospital and Physicians Billing Service                                                MMC Management Consultants LLC(www -bbb -org southwestern-missouri busi - - gfield-mo-)

Post by GCMissouri,

8003711321 Caller ID came up as "Private Name" and the person simply gave their name and asked me to call her back at this number - Didn't identify what organization she represents - Sorry, I'm not calling you back if you don't identify what company firm you are with, representing, or otherwise calling on behalf of -

Post by sharon,

800-371-1321 I also got a call from this number, but it showed on my phone as being restricted -  The message said I was to call "Michelle Matthews" back as soon as possible by pm -

Post by robert,

8003711321 its a collection agency and they are [***]

Post by l,

800-371-1321 it is against the law for debt collection agencies to call your work place

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