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Post by Guest,

8002591743 Will be turning this number in to get for each call

Post by crystal hoyt,

800-259-1743 This [***] hole names richard owen told me I was gonna be his assistant I'm a single parent with kids so it was a job u know well he sent me a check for and I deposited it to my bank and took out and he had me send to his mother and the rest was mine and the next day when I went to get some out they told me it was a fraded check and that I owe them I'm so hurt and upset I don't have and now me and my kids are screwd wish I would have seen this site firsT -  [email&#;protected] * * be carefull bad people out there

Post by Guest,

8002591743 your block so stop wasting your time

Post by PWR,

800-259-1743 "Last Chance " extended warranty swindle which will not stop - Comes in various forms from diverse numbers DAILY -

Post by Guest,

8002591743 Hi

Post by Guest,

800-259-1743 some one calls and don't answers at all

Post by Granny,

8002591743 Someone called this morning claiming to be my grandson, and gave me a seargent's name to call who has my grandson in the hudson holding cell in canada, that he was arrested and I needed to send US via two moneygram or western union checks - -they knew my grandson's name, my name and address, and local stores selling western union wire transfers - -once my son had verified that my grandson was indeed safe at home, I knew it was a scam - -I am working with the local police to help try to stop this scam from happening - -It's scary how much personal information they can find out these days

Post by W P Gardner,

800-259-1743 Apparently AT&T reminding me to redeem a gift card I had gotten from them - No big deal - The first chunk of the voice mail was cut off, stupidly (it is AT&T voice mail) -

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