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Recent Comments for 8002573140

Post by Susan,

8002573140 Daily robo-messages left on my machine for a person I've never heard of and doesn't live here -  I've had this address and phone number for years  I called the number from the message to have my phone number removed from their records or times over the past weeks but I'm still getting a daily call -  Their message on my machine says if I continue to listen then I'm acknowledging I'm this mystery person they're looking for, but I'm not even home to hang up on the message -  This is ridiculous

Post by Your worst nightmare,

800-257-3140 EOSCCA Hope you have one of the biggest phone bills in the country -  I love pushing on and immediately pushing off -  Also I love to pick up the phone and just lay it down and go my merry way, When I hear it beeping one or two minutes later, I come and hang it up -  

Post by Mrs Herrera,

8002573140 They keep calling,  They do not state who they are asking for -  Finally I called this number - A woman answer very quickly -  She spoke for or seconds- couldn't understand anything she said - I said I'm receiving numerous calls from this number- no message, no name left - Why are you calling me -  She asked if I am calling from the line that recieved the calls - I say (derr) yes - She says the calls are for Jane Herrera -  I am in the process of saying no such person at this address, but she promptly hangs up on me - what a beavis - rude -  I am guessing there will be more calls while I am at work -

Post by azkim,

800-257-3140 This numberalled me at : a -m - and last night at :p -m - asking for the same guy that the called for weeks last year I am mad as hell It took weeks to resolve it and the nerve to call late and in the middle of the night

Post by Tiddly Winks,

8002573140 This number called my house at : a -m -  Labor Day morning -  I had a BAD night and had finally fallen asleep -  Woke me from a deep sleep -   Let answering machine pick up, no message left -  If they want to call so badly on a holiday, at least leave a message -  Never heard of this number and the replys say it is a collection agency - Never heard of this company either -  However, I do not answer unfamiliar numbers as I am handicapped and live alone -  They want to contact me, they can do so through the mail -

Post by Ann,

800-257-3140 Didn't leave any message -  Caller ID said "Invalid number -"  If it's a debt collector they ahve the wrong number as I have no debt at all and don't answer unless I know who it is -  

Post by Cindy Campbell,

8002573140 Automated call asking for someone that does not live at this address -  Debt collections compay -  We are on the DO NOT CALL LIST -

Post by Michael,

800-257-3140 Called at AM on a Saturday Go home and enjoy your weekend debt collectors

Post by Michael,

8002573140 Third time now Friday morning AM PT - Did not answer and will not answer -

Post by Anonymous,

800-257-3140 This number is EOS CCA, a collection agency -  They called during nighttime hours and repeatedly every other day -  I even called them back one time and sat on hold for over minutes so i just hung up because nobody answered - I added their number to the call block list so they kept calling repeatedly with different numbers -Today they called and I finally was able to speak to a person there -  Turns out - - the debt wasn't even for me -  It was for someone I know -  But the real question is - -how would they know that we are even affiliated?  They claimed they hired a third party skip tracer but refused to tell me who gave out my private number -  The girl on the line got shakey and went and got her prick manager who told me the same thing "We hired a third party to find a working number for so-and-so and they came up with yours" -  "Well how would that even happen?  Shes never even used my phone, she has her own phone number"  The a-hole refused to tell me and said in a rather snotty voice "I've told you all I can and I am terminating this phone call now"What they are doing is highly illegal and a report was submitted to the proper gov't authority -  Total bottom of the bottom feeders -

Post by Deja,

8002573140 Please do not call at my home, I'm not that person you're looking for -

Post by Andrea,

800-257-3140 This number keeps calling our home for someone that does not live here nor that we know -  It gives you another # to call to have your number removed, but it takes - hours to remove it -  Problem is, I did this last Tuesday too with the same number and it's been well over - hours on business days so I am annoyed that they called AGAIN -  Sounds like a collection agency to me -

Post by No name,

8002573140 This funking no - Call us at midnight at :am in the morning

Post by Con,

800-257-3140 I called the number to have our number removed and they still call - I have called this number several times - These people are really annoying -

Post by Tom,

8002573140 Recd a call from this number today - It was an automated message which said they were trying to collect a debt but never mentioned who they were trying to contact or whom they were representing - They wanted me to call the referenced phone number which I am not going to do - Never mentioned the name of their company -

Post by anonymous,

800-257-3140 If you have a land line, try removing the wire from the phone - This is a hard disconnect and should drop the call - If you have a cell, try turning the whole phone off (remove power) and not just hanging up -

Post by mags,

8002573140 stop calling us jamie vargas does not live here

Post by Mary,

800-257-3140 This number called me last week and identified themselves as eosca a debt collector but they did not name the person they were looking for -  I believe they may be looking for someone else who does not live here - At least they left their number and a message to call back - I did not call back as I think it is not a call meant for me at all -

Post by karen,

8002573140 caller id says INVALID NUMBER -then leaves a message it is a debt collector, to call another number, never leaving name or whom they want -

Post by Con,

800-257-3140 I called the number to have our number removed and they still call - I have called this number several times - These people are really annoying -

Post by Margaret,

8002573140 Important message I do not have any debt

Post by Pattie,

800-257-3140 I am receiving calls twice a day -  I finally called the number this morning -  They were looking for a person that I do not know -  The lady that I spoke to was polite and said that she would remove my number -  I am keeping my fingers crossed that this harassing will stopped -  I have found that only legitimate companies adhere to the no call list -  Criminals disregard the law with impunity -

Post by saddab,

8002573140 This debt collection agency has been harrasing mefor many weeks even though it is not even my name they are tryin g to locate - I have topld them repeatedly that no one by that name is here - The calls still come every day -

Post by Mary Thompson,

800-257-3140 This company keeps calling my number,and they call really really early in the morning -Please how do I get them to stop calling me,and asking for someone that does not live here -

Post by azkim,

8002573140 This number called my house at : a -m - a collection agency - We have had issues with them in the past (same guy that we don't know) - They called late last night and again in the middle of the night

Post by annoyed,

800-257-3140 Caller offers a coupon for ATT services -  

Post by Mary Thompson,

8002573140 This company keeps calling my number,and they call really really early in the morning -Please how do I get them to stop calling me,and asking for someone that does not live here -

Post by Another Bloke,

800-257-3140 I return called --- and the EOS CCA collection agency answered - They identified my number by caller ID and responded accordingly - It was for my daughter who lives in a different state - I requested my number removed -Federal law gives collection agents a right to make contact - They will keep calling until they do and while one allows it - Make arrangements and pay it in good faith if able - The state and federal gov provides a web site to report collection abuse - I found this handy, even if one owe a bill one might request collection agents not to call and make all future contact threw the mail - * I have a wood stove so mail is a bonus -www -eos-cca -com AboutEOSCCA -aspxEOS CCA Longwater DriveNorwell, MA

Post by Walt,

8002573140 It is a debt collector - They were looking for someone else - The message they left does not say who they are looking for, instead it sounds as if it is intended for you - If a friend or relative happened to hear it, it would be embarrassing - I don't know how they get the numbers they call but they must not verify anything before calling - I did call back, found out I did not even know the person they were looking for and gave them h - Then I blocked them so I do not know if they ever called again -

Post by zepher,

800-257-3140 Called Feb - , -  Didn't answer -  Caller ID said "Toll Free Number, -- -" Did leave message - -"If your are NOT Kay Irvin, call this number ______ to say you're not Kay Irwin - -"  RIGHTZ -

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