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Recent Comments for 8002516846

Post by pegasus,

8002516846 Gentleman said he was with Members Credit Union and wanted to help us with a debt we had with them - We have no loans with them so I knew it was a scam -

Post by ArchCubSC,

800-251-6846 Was a Citgo Marketing Call

Post by Dorman Davidson,

8002516846 Calls and no one on other end -

Post by elizabeth,

800-251-6846 -- is calling us every day sometimes - times per day - comes up as " service" on caller ID and we don't pick-up, but we're so sick of them calling WTF????

Post by gary,

8002516846 calls from this number - times a day - -we never answer, but they keep calling - -has gone on for weeks

Post by angelo,

800-251-6846 these ppl call everyday non stop and even i told them that the person there looking for does not live there they say sorry and call back min later and ask for the same person again im so tired of these ppl - -

Post by T. Donaldson,

8002516846 Call and no one on other end

Post by charlie,

800-251-6846 Every day at least annoying calls

Post by Daisey,

8002516846 Called asked for Valerie Cambridge - No such person at this number -Caller apologized for the interruption -

Post by lkg324,

800-251-6846 This number keeps calling very minutes -  No one there

Post by ron,

8002516846 receive between - calls a day - please make them stop

Post by Alan,

800-251-6846 Called twice today - Caller ID says Toll free call - That's all it says - No messages - This number started yesterday and called twice yesterday and also today -Here we go again - We don't answer unknown callers numbers -

Post by Fran,

8002516846 Called in the last couple of days, says all attendant are busy -  As if I called them instead of vice-versa -

Post by tg,

800-251-6846 just called and said " no, I turned it off - -she is full of [***] she never drops him off -" and proceeded the use fowl language having a conversation with someone there with them on my answering machine -

Post by golfnut12866,

8002516846 Citgo telemarketers calling to see if you want protection for your credit cards, financial resources etc -

Post by A.Patterson,

800-251-6846 keeps calling and leaving no message, at least ce daily -

Post by citgo customer,

8002516846 Citgo repeat calls selling credit report -

Post by Dorman Davidson,

800-251-6846 Call and no one on other end

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