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Recent Comments for 8002402348

Post by sandy,

8002402348 I've gotten about two voicemails from this number, said to be UPS and apparently I ordered something that cost hundred dollars, I called back and got no answer - days later I get another from the same number and company saying that I owe dollars, like TW's  situation, they didn't confirm any information that provides credentials or security measures to ensure privacy - Its definitely a huge scam

Post by RJ,

800-240-2348 Showed unknown in our caller ID - Called about updating our UPS autopay and asked for my credit card - -The number is not associated to UPS - - so it's very suspicious -

Post by TW,

8002402348 Yes I received the same today - We first had a listing for a product that was for sale on classifieds online - When the perspective buyer stated he was interested he asked for a phone number, the name of the company, and the address - So I gave this to him as it was easily accessed information anyways - But then things got suspicious as ever since then we were gettin weird calls like the one from this number asking for more information while the caller did not provide any credentials or security measures to ensure privacy - No doubt in my mind this number is another SCAM Beware of them

Post by AW,

800-240-2348 Same here -  Got a VM from "mark" says we need to update our credit card information on our account -  Did not call him back after looking up this number on line and seeing these posts -

Post by MS,

8002402348 Just like RJ's comment, I received a voicemail from an unknown number advising that I owe hundreds of dollars on my UPS account - - I do not have a UPS account -

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