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Post by Guest,

7572092017 telemarketing assholes

Post by Tammy,

757-209-2017 This company is Merritt Research and they claim to be within their legal bounds to make survey calls on behalf of SunTrust Bank -  Called -- to be placed on the companies do not call list and they are still calling -  I am going to go to SunTrust Bank and demand they stop giving out my phone numbers -  Everyone who gets these calls needs to go into SunTrust Bank and demand they stop this practice -  Posting on line will do nothing to stop this -

Post by JB,

7572092017 Woahhhh?? What??

Post by Guest,

757-209-2017 merit research company - definitely a scam

Post by Guest,

7572092017 Research company

Post by annoyed,

757-209-2017 Whoever this is spoke in such a low tone I could not even make it out - left message on my voice mail -  Had some nerve, I am on a do not call list

Post by Guest,

7572092017 Scam

Post by Guest,

757-209-2017 Just called the do not call number of thanks to An Android User for this information

Post by Sunny,

7572092017 So tired of calls like this and didn't

Post by TOJO,

757-209-2017 It's the government - Asked a lot of personal questions noting to do with banking - Or debt collection - Give them false name and info -

Post by Guest,

7572092017 Keep calling - - -no messages

Post by Guest,

757-209-2017 This is a philshing spam call -Suntrust is not HQ in Virginia - I dont answer the calls -If you see it don't answer it a scam

Post by Notgivinga Name,

7572092017 Do not pick up this call - I am on the national do not call list, but I was receiving calls from this number anyway - They claim to be a market research company that is not subject to the "Do not call" list regulations - After calling the number back, I found out that you can call () - to be placed on their company-specific do not call list - It will take up to days for them to stop calling you -

Post by Mr. Caustious,

757-209-2017 Called times -  I called back and got the same message as everyone else - Yes, I had just done some business with SUNTRUST bank -  

Post by Gracie,

7572092017 Maritz*

Post by rotor1851e,

757-209-2017 None, I got the silent treatment - I want to kick somebody's [***], they got me out of the shower, I thought it was my kid calling -

Post by DKH,

7572092017 Received a call last night at : PM claiming to be Suntrust Bank -  Confirmed my full name then they asked about my Safety Deposit Box -  I began quizzing them and they hem-hawed -Called the number back this morning and they claimed to be a legit company called Asset Acceptance (he referred to the company as "a creative finance company"  [sounds accurate]) out of Warren, MI -  The man had caller id and asked if this is the number they called from last night -  I gave him NO INFORMATION -  They are trying to link related phone numbers as well, I believe -Going to Suntrust today to advise them and to be advised -I believe this is an unethical debt collection company that targets and harrasses for weeks months then stops for - months and repeats its behavior -  Proof of identity makes no difference to them -  They just target anyone and harrass figuring they've got nothing to lose and maybe someone will pay them off just to get rid of them -  ("Pay me and I'll leave you alone -")I saw a TV show several years back where guys in prison in Michigan got out of prison and started a debt collection agency -  They didn't care if the person was the legitimate debtor or not they just called and harrassed people knowing some would pay in fear or pay to be rid of them -Why does the MICHIGAN Attorney General allow this "business" to prey on the innocent -

Post by sheryl stotm,

757-209-2017 Got a call, no msg - No clue who they are -

Post by Guest,

7572092017 Spam Suntrust

Post by Angie,

757-209-2017 Just spoke w suntrust they only call from their number they were freaking about this number and have fraud alerted we shall see

Post by anonymous,

7572092017 Claims to be the bank and wants feedback about the service I received - - Asked for my full name and date of birth - Told them to take a hike (They should have that information if it was my bank) -Don't tell them anything -

Post by Art,

757-209-2017 Received call today during my church service -Called back an hour later and received an automatic voice recording stating that they are a market research firm and because they are not a telemarker, they AREallowed by law to make their call even to DNC people like myself -It also stated that if I do not want to receive their calls, then I haveto call their - - -number to be removed from their list - That is crazy - I do not want their calls but in order to stop them calling,I have to make a call What happened to the "press " to be removed technology?

Post by Liz,

7572092017 I have reported my calls to Sun Trust Bank

Post by Rob,

757-209-2017 Received call claiming to be about recent branch visit to Suntrust Bank, I haven't been in the branch recently, going to go in and let them know I am receiving these calls from them and it better stop -

Post by Uforgetaboutit,

7572092017 called my business internet phone, left no message - I did call SunTrust the other day to replace a banking card - Might be a CRM call from one of SunTrust marketing dept - I do not answer unknown numbers and block them with a program for spam -

Post by may,

757-209-2017 missed calls with no message - - -glad i dont anwer -hope something can be done about this nusance -

Post by Tom Stevenson,

7572092017 I've received of these (this #) this year - The phone rings times & hangs up - Like many hundreds of others, I've put my name on our bloody DNC list, which doesn't work - In fact, calls only increase - I'm going to get to the bottom of this nonsense  w Sun Trust ASAP - We've too many laws that benefit these damnable callers - I won't say what I'd like to do with them -

Post by Guest,

757-209-2017 Said they are not telemarketers and they want me to participate in a survey - They're clearly spam -

Post by Anonymous,

7572092017 I hate how this country deals with annoying phone numbers -  Other countries you can report them -  I would like this company to be put out of our misery and bankrupted  This is what these pieces of crap deserve  They are the ones who deserve to be out begging on the street and then they can talk to street people  This is ALL they deserve

Post by Guest,

757-209-2017 EVIL

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