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Post by Guest,

7172651192 Number called my cell phone today - Didn't leave a message - If you going to call me leave a message, because I don't answers numbers that I don't know - Kick Rocks in Flip Flops

Post by Madrat,

717-265-1192 Same thing here, this number calls, and hangs up after I answer or if I don't answer, no message is left - Getting to be a pain

Post by spunky,

7172651192 The answer is, simply don't answer any calls you don't know, let voicemail pick it up -  You don't have to answer any call you dont' want to -  It's your phone -

Post by Jimmy D,

717-265-1192 When I answer they hang up

Post by Justabitz,

7172651192 How annoying  I dont answer calls that do not show up with a name -  They don't leave a message and I am not calling them back -  It would be nice to put a stop to this craziness -

Post by Brandi Kohl,

717-265-1192 Just called this number and its a company that deals with free giveaways WCA Services - -you can unsubscribe to the offers - -just call the number and follow the directions

Post by pabwhntr,

7172651192 Called my magic jack number which i dont publish to anyone -  Was a scam to get credit card info

Post by Karie,

717-265-1192 Called this number back and all it said was "goodbye" - - This is getting very annoying ppl calling and not saying anything and when you call it back this is all you get

Post by amber long,

7172651192 scam

Post by Idied,

717-265-1192 If you answer these calls, they know you're alive - Best way to get rid of these people - Play Dead -

Post by Guest,

7172651192 Saying i won something - Mmmm - Dont think so -

Post by Brandi Kohl,

717-265-1192 This number called my year olds cell phone -

Post by Karie,

7172651192 Called this number back and all it said was "goodbye" - - This is getting very annoying ppl calling and not saying anything and when you call it back this is all you get

Post by Guest,

717-265-1192 Yes me to saying I won get them a couple times Week

Post by Daphne,

7172651192 Got this twice; I thought it was the apartment's maintenance guy It isn't, and they don't even leave a message - This is a number in MY area code, so I wonder where it's coming from - - and I hope it gets banned or shut off soon

Post by Guest,

717-265-1192 It's WDAC about affordable Healthcare, SCAM""

Post by Devin Mitchell,

7172651192 I keep getting a call from this number

Post by scotland,

717-265-1192 Does not respond to texts whn I send who this

Post by Guest,

7172651192 - -

Post by Guest,

717-265-1192 This number calls all day everyday It must be stopped

Post by elma taylor,

7172651192 this number calls at least once a week and leaves no message - We I called number back  all I ot was "Good-bye"

Post by Guest,


Post by Guest,

7172651192 Just got a call from this number a half hour ago - Answered the phone and it was dead - No one answered, so I looked it up and found this page - I have my phone on the national do not call list so I do not understand how they can call me Very annoying - Thanks for the heads up on the spam :)

Post by complain,

717-265-1192 Neither you nor anyone else subscribes to their crap, so every number is a "subscriber" LOL - But when you call these scammers back, you are confirming your number and you will get even more junk phone calls -Please don't call scammers back - Help shut them down instead - Complain here -https: ftccomplaintassistant -gov

Post by Guest,

7172651192 The Number -- Keeps calling my Cell - The first x I didnt answer cause I didnt know who it was, they left message but it was blank - www -com shows it is something called LLC Sixtel out of Harrisburg, Pa - Donno what they are though other than ANNOYING They continued calling me -x a day almost daily and i would answer but I'd answer an say hello and would hear nothing for about - seconds then they would hang up - I got tired of it and would answer real smartly saying "Ok Moron you just gonna sit there for few sec then hang up or are you gonna quit being an annoying lil B*tch and talk? if not quit calling me" there still doing it -

Post by stevo,

717-265-1192 Thank God for caller ID - -I dont answer anything unless i know who you are -If its that important they will leave a message - - -

Post by woman,

7172651192 This was a telemarketing call about home security

Post by Denise Lancaster,

717-265-1192 I'm so sick of receiving DAILY phone calls from this number - I've asked repeatedly for them to not call me - It's getting VERY OLD

Post by steve,

7172651192 This number called me I called it back and supposivly won a trip to Mexico but needed my credit card to check me in the hotel as soon as I asked what this was about a voice said " goodbye"

Post by m,

717-265-1192 Scam

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