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Recent Comments for 7162004039

Post by Guest,

7162004039 Apparently if you don't pay your cell phone bill (which my bf didn't) you get a courtesy call from Verizon Wireless and they remind you of a past due balance - - so pay yer bill and you won't get calls from this number

Post by Suri,

716-200-4039 This is Verizon calling from their message center for past due phone bill -

Post by Manpreet  kaur,

7162004039 I won't this call me

Post by Guest,

716-200-4039 This is true - I had received at least calls from a () - numbers - They are () -, () - plus one that is from () - - Calls on my cell phone then late at night tries my home number - Have no idea who it is - The numbers comes up Rochester, NY US on caller id -

Post by Guest,

7162004039 Received call on my cell phone this am - Comes up unknown () - Buffalo, NY US on caller id - No message was left - Annoying and harassing -

Post by annoyed,

716-200-4039 This is a scam, second time i have recieved a call from this number, claiming to be Verizon - First of all they are calling about someone else's account - Secondly, they give out information about the account to people who do not even provide an account number, which makes this not legit - Somehow, the account information is being sold to this company - Verizon has it's own number to call - When we call before about this Verizon did not even know this number - Dont give out any info to this number, just tell them to stop calling and call Verizon directly from the number listed on your bill -

Post by Julie,

7162004039 I recieved a phone call from this number and it ask me some personal questions, and I know that it can't be verizon because Verizon actually has a verizon number - So this is a scam prank or even identity theif so that they can get information -

Post by Guest,

716-200-4039 your comment is annoying pay your f**kin bill

Post by ticked off,

7162004039 Received numerous calls from this number -  No messages left -  Called on both home and cell -  Comes up out of area on caller id -

Post by ticked off,

716-200-4039 Continue to receive calls fro this number on cell and home phone -

Post by michelle,

7162004039 I also received calls

Post by PayYourBillsThen,

716-200-4039 People - this is a number that Verizon Wireless uses to call up and tell you to pay your past due bill - It isn't harassment or whatever for them to ask for your payment when it's past two weeks late - Make a payment and the calls magically go away -

Post by Guest,

7162004039 I did answer - no one was there - That's why I'm on here trying to see who it is - If I had a past-due bill, wouldn't it make sense to respond when I answer or leave a message if I don't? And my bill is not due so if it's Verizon calling about a past-due bill, they're mistaken - I just double-checked after I read these posts -

Post by Guest,

716-200-4039 Possible telemarketer -

Post by Guest,

7162004039 It's Verizon Wireless calling -

Post by ticked off,

716-200-4039 Received call on my cell phone this am -  Comes up unknown () - Buffalo, NY US on caller id -  No message was left -  Annoying and harassing -

Post by Dave,

7162004039 It's Verizon calling about a past-due bill -

Post by Guest,

716-200-4039 Called times in one day and didn't leave a message - The day before, a number did the same thing at about the same times

Post by Guest,

7162004039 How hard is it to just answer and find out who it is? I mean seriously, if someone is calling that many times, wouldnt you think it would just be easier to answer and FIND OUT??? No wonder mankind is doomed -

Post by Guest,

716-200-4039 Spam

Post by Stephanie,

7162004039 Just got another call from this number, no VM - When I return the call, an auto-mated message for Verizon identifies your number automatically and lists the name on the account - I think they are trying to get us to change our account type so that we no longer have unlimited data, message, phone -

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